Magdala Ramirez

The Woman, The Mother, 

The Daughter of the Great Mother

           Spiritual Leader. Author. Teacher

Wherever you go , I am going with You.
Wherever you Love, I am Loving with You.
Wherever You are, I am with You.
I recognize Myself in You, Can You recognize Me in You?
For wherever I am You are in Me.
 I Am You

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Sacredness of The Union Of Polarities

Your Feminine and Masculine... together...

The time has come...

                        and the door is wide open...


  Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine

Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine


Beautiful Ones

The time has come for the most beautiful adventure in the lives of the human being, the adventure of the union of polarities, the adventure of love and wisdom now walk together, for the creation and re-creation of the spirit. 

Union of Polarities is putting into an end the duality world, the world of separation,

the world of distortion and disharmony, the world of pain has come into an end.

Through the union of polarities, human being encounters her-himself, and the dance

of united world, a world of embracing oneness begins. 

Polarities, what a magical word, for it is indeed showing the ways of unity of energies.

 All life forms, all creation, all manifestation are constituted by the union of both,

 everything that human beings create in their lives, is made by the union of polarities, unity will be expressed in one way or the other… 

Male, represents the manifestation, represents the mind, the cultural beliefs, this is the world of doing, while the female represents the hidden world, the world that we call the virtual reality,  the world where the thoughts come from, the world of sensations, feelings, imagination, the emotional world,  this is the world of creation without the manifestation yet. It is the world where human beings encounter the self, the beautiful true human being that it is and has always been in complete connection with everything that exists. 

Each of the energies, male and female, have different properties, different laws, different ways of preserving reality, and in some part of the brain these two perspectives become one and creation in the manifestation will happen, by make it conscious that unity, will enhance that manifestation . 

In the world of the duality, the perception is about separation, and according to a

program created by the culture, will be the relationship of both, for a long time,

the world of the manifestation was the most important, not realizing where

all this came from, the wrong belief was that all manifestation comes from a force far

 away from human being, a force that was incomprehensible, with this understanding

 human being felt not responsible for their creation, not responsible for their own connection within the self, the human being in that perspective denied the incredible world that resides within the self, the life force, the connection with everything that

exists, the world of oneness, anddenied their own divinity in the process.  

Science has grown so much, that now gives human being the opportunity to

expand their consciousness, a new way of perceiving reality, it gives back the power for the human being, for now has been discovered Quantum physics,

the knowledge that the ancestors have since the beginning of time, the realm of the

hidden world, the feminine way as it has been called by the ancestors, the world finally has becomea place where science and spirituality become one.

 The Divine union of polarities is a knowledge that does not deny traditions or religions all over the world, but is a knowledge that has come again to consummate those traditions, a knowledge that will liberate human being from their own boundaries, by giving the power back to the people, by giving back the responsibility to the people for their own lives.

Union of Polarities resides in the self,  being aware of these forces together,

 will bring beautiful manifestations. 

Unity in the self will bring peace into human being's core, Peace, the beautiful

 energy that brings happiness and joy, the natural state of the true human being.

 Let it be peace…let the peace be...

What kind of creations will bring a beautiful human with peace and beauty in the heart?

 Welcome to the new, yet so old world of happiness and beauty.


I Am You