Here I am my brothers and sisters, we are finally creating the temple of the feminine, she has 12 realms plus one, and the star on top, it is sooo beautiful! Soon will be accomplish! And many teachings willbe there for the feminine, as it was in the ancient temples….


Many things are unfolding for the mother is cooking such a beautiful things …. The doors are wide open  for people to embrace her, she, the Holy Spirit, she the force of life, yet there are still many preparations to be done ….  Before 2012 where the cosmic way of thinking will be in the hearts of the people….


Yes, we have been working in many seminars about dimentions and how to reach those dimensions, the new worlds inside of yourself, it has been beautiful to see how people is embracing themselves and who they are…   Mama want to have more teachings about the feminine, the virtual reality, she has come not to destroy any religion or tradition but to consummate them… For indeed, it is through the feminine hemisphere of the brain where those doors resides….


Blue Star woman, the Tonanazin,  came to us during the ceremonies of the equinox, she told us that people needs to beging to create based on the beautiful world of the enchanted flower , this world is also known in many traditions as the “kingdom of heaven”<,  People needs to aware of their own power and learn how to use it with all the responsibility for human being is indeed an spirit that has a body, they are and has always been responsible for their own connection into the Father Mother God. So the new creations needs to be based now in the world of the enchanted flower where love is the energy to create…. Love as an energy… the world of the non-time… There are many different laws in this realm that needs to be revealed within the self, the laws that the divine Father is showing to us….


The Cosmic way of thinking of the true human being is the Union of Polarities, using both of the hemispheres together,  the beautiful Mother and Father, for you are indeed, the daughter and the son of Father Mother God…. The world where everything becomes one….


She has come here, to tell that she has never left,   and the new sun have come into the true human being that now humans are able to recognize her, and through that recognition the worlds are being reveled and the cosmic way of thinking will be in the hearts of the people… She also spoke  about …… “ the kingdom of heaven is on earth, as the kingdom of earth is on heaven”….  This is the “work” an the embracing and the path…..and as she told us we need to trust that the path is there….. just be sure that you are happy then you know that you are walking…..  for Happiness is her way…


Beautiful Salecita,  took pictures after the ceremony and it was so beautiful that she came into the pictures…on we will put those pictures into our web site… as well as the re-building the temple of the feminine….