Ixpapalotli a donde vas?

catch the Ixpapalotli for moon dance songs

full moon June 2016  

June 17, to 22  2016

Mama, Guide the Ixpapalotlis! the Butterflies!
Here we are Mama!



Beautiful Sisters and Brothers


                  I am sending this letter to let you know about the moon dance, Long time ago, about 500 years ago, the mexica women as well as mayan woman gather together, all the women, girls and elders, all of them to have the ceremony of what we call the moon dance…


    The ceremony was because in that time women understood their power as a women and that in them resides the knowledge of the virtual reality, they understood that if they are holding themselves together as a women the well being of the whole community depend on that.


    When the Spanish saw the ceremony they got scare, and they call it the ceremony of “la puta-santa” (the whore and the saint) for they didn’t understood what this women were doing…


    But in our codex of the feminine we found the ceremony, and the songs!

 this is about 3 songs,  the first song, is a sad song, is speaking about the women that listen to the mother but not want to heard her ways, she preferred to control and manipulate and feel disconnected and separated from other women, and into herself, she was des-integrated,  and sadness came into the community because of that virtual reality, and she got hurt, and hurt women creates sad reality……


and the Orbs!

and the Orbs!

The second song, is about the realization of the women that have found and decided to follow the ways of the Great Mother, she is saying, “I am the flower of the Quetzal” she is realizing her sacredness and happiness comes to her heart, then the whole community, because she is so happy, creations will be happy and everything will be about happiness in her life and of course her family!.....


The third song, is about a praying for all the sisterhood, for all the sisters to follow the Great Mother’s way, for she is love in the purest form, and in that way happiness will come to earth….


   Now we are bringing the ceremony back after 500 years that has been shut down, these will be our second year….




                 For a very long time now, women are listening to the great mother, we are listening to her ways, and warnings, and dances, movements in the outside as well as it is in the inside.


             The problem is not the hearing her, anymore but actually the problem is to put it on what she is saying.


           We women represent the virtual reality, the part that goes before the manifestation, the part that is hidden from the manifestation, the part that represents the heart, as we call it.


           Yes we all now understand that love is the bonding, not the color of the skin, not the tradition or religion, or any kind of separation that involve the male way, we need, as a women, to embrace ourselves and the work of the feminine, we need to re-discover our medicine as a true human being, and how to use that medicine in a good way,


        Embracing the self, embracing the disconnectedness of the self, will bring the integration that we all need in the heart, this time is about that integration, yes, women are listening to the mother, now we need to go to the next step, means, we need to recognize ourselves, in a personal and impersonal level, as the daughter of the Great Mother, for integration is taking place in the heart. Means Put it on, what the Great mother is speaking, is put in on and follow the ways of the mother, for we are indeed the virtual reality and we do care for the children and this beautiful planet, we need to dance with her, and we are going to remember her steps for the dance, that it is so imperative to know this as she is going into many changes.

The Sacred Land!

The Sacred Land!


     As a woman, we will find out our responsibility, our honor, our sacredness,  as integration will take place.


              The ceremony now is for men and women


     You need to bring the camping gear, material for tobacco ties (lots, we are here to pray), food, , we do have a bathroom, …bring cloths, many, we will have sweats at the kiva during the day. For ceremony of the dance, I will usegolden skirt, to math with the moon and the golden light, but you follow your heart.


      I truly need help in early June, for clearing the place where the moon dance will take place, we started during the vision embracing but it is not ready yet, so if there are voluntaries for the work before the moon dance will be appreciated…


         We cannot make the work for other people, but we can create the environment for people to work in themselves, and in the connection with life, and the Great mother, into the sisterhood, realizing that we want to create a higher massive consciousness, for doing this, we need all the sisterhood, together in bonding through love.


    This moon dance, is not about following a tradition or religion, is about connectedness, of the feminine energy.


   There are no rules and regulations, perse, we hope that people have the heart to listen, for harmony cannot be impose… but I have one in a personal level,  absolutely NO drugs or alcohol.

…This is NOT a NEW age…


         We truly need to know how many people is coming for a lot of preparation needs to be done for the people in the land.


           We will go by donation, needs to come from the heart…


     Last year we have such a beautiful blessed ceremony of Moondance, for many things have been resolved and I saw this year people growth and flourish in such an incredible manner.


     Finally we have our Grandmother drum, came all the way from Mexico, she comes from a huge Ceiba tree, our Sacred Tree, made by only one piece, from beautiful Tarasco people. It is all done by women, is awakening the true vibration within the self, for the whole forest respond to her loud voice….


     We also have our ceremonial songs, if you are coming please let us know so we can send you a cd with our songs, so you can begin to study them.  


       So let me knowwhat you feel about the ceremony, this is our ceremony so it is very important if you are listening to something from mama, we all need to know…. and let me know as soon is possible if you are coming.


   Please send donations to Po box. 604 Harrison AR 72602, or paypal, visit the click in donations. We need your help to create beautiful space where the people can embrace themselves, and the ceremonies.


I am you





If you are coming, you will need a golden or white skirt for ceremony, if you don't have time to

do if you can email Daniela, she will do it for you, she knows ceremony and she is the best

to do it, her email

send us an email to if you are planning to come!