Ix Chel, the Mayan Goddess, Rainbow Woman has been a very powerful teacher for all women; there is a Rainbow Woman inside of each woman….. This is her story.


     She was born with a twin brother, and her parents were a priest and priestess from Maya people. She was trained for the services as a priestess, performing ceremonies and guiding people for the spirit.

     Her favorite thing to do was to sing and play her drum at the ocean, dolphins and whales jumped at her song. Love was in her heart, and she began to listen to the spirit, the voice of love and wisdom. People come to her to ask what they should do at the ceremony.

      She always had the same answer, put your heart in it; it is not about following a tradition but to put your heart in the spirit. A ceremony without heart is empty; this is how a ceremony is performed.

     People were shocked all the times at her answers, knowing that her brother was very much a traditional man,  yet people loved her because they did recognizeit was a higher truth,  But some other people did not love her, …. She was too liberal!

     This wonderful man appeared inher life. …She was in love!

      And a woman who is in love, water comes out from her, all the time, so when Rainbow Woman walked,   water that came out from her wombcreating all kinds of beautiful flowers and medicinal plants, and of course, hot springs, and rainbows everywhere! So much healing was in her because of the love that she had inside of her!

     One day her husband was in a bad mood. He was jealous and he asked why are you wet?  Have you been with another man?

        Have you betrayed me?

She answered back…I am always wet because I love you so much! Just to think of you love comes out as the water that never ends, it is my medicine as a woman; I would never betray you….

      But, this man, could not understand this love, so the next day he asked again the same question and she answered the same thing

     Four times he asked and still he could not understand the love and light that she was, so he bit her in the eye when he was with anger in his heart!

     She was so sad and hurt, that she said I will go to the moon, and there I will guide my people from the heart, I will return when the man and woman are ready for love,  and I will wait until that time…. 

     So she did, she waited and waited, with all this love! And she did return, as she promised. Now she is in thewoman who loves….

     She is in you woman that loves, she is in you men that is waiting to be love and loves in this way, with completely surrender, with completely sacredness.

      The water that comes out from your womb, is preparing yourself for the most beautiful ceremony of love,  that water is sacred.

      That is why all the springs that we have are sacred, we drink from the water that comes out from the womb of the mother. The water that never ends…