My Beautiful Sisters all over the world

 Conception time has come to all of us, as a global meditation-understanding-acceptance-renunciation, it is to be able to conceive in all our being the power of giving birth to the new world. Can we conceive ourselves in such a freedom of the old paradigms? can we conceive the human being in such a freedom and bonding with nature, can we conceive ourselves fullllll of light? Can we embrace the thought of the magnificence of the creation and the power to create a new world that comes out from the very very center of our essence? Can we conceive a perfect peace in our heart? Can we realize the divine perception of the order and the perfect harmony that it brings into the spirit of alll human beings?
Oh my sisters, we all need to make the same dance, all together, the dance of the celebration of life as sacred, the celebration of the freedom of human being in the original form, perfection, and lovable, and magnificent human being, the perfect reflection of the god-ddess, that was born into the realm of a perfect world, in the perfect harmony with all the cosmos.
 Lets all conceive all this beauty at the same time, lets all manifest the conception of the true human being, the one that has nothing to hide, that is the biggest achievement of human being is all about.
 Can we conceive in all our being, with every single cell in our body, making love the connection of every part of our body, and use our body to give birth to such a perfect world?
 YES, we can,
yes we all want to, yes we all can embrace the conception, the re-birth is always there.
 Lets all prepare the new world, we need to make a lots of preparations to welcome the new realm of consciousness.
 All our body is already changing to receive the new conception, the vibration is there and we all feel in a rush for preparation, lets put beautiful the place, cleaning temple is necessary, we need colors, lets bring the rainbows, lets invite all the creatures of the creation, and our neighbors, and all our family, lets make everybody participate in the giving birth of the perfect conception !
let's create it !
 Bless be the fruit of thy conception. it is indeed a blessing for the whole world !
…you are a blessing!
I Am You