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School of Ascension

Assisting Human Beings in the Transition times

An online and live training for theGolden era, since 2008

The Only One that you need to Reach is Yourself!


Beautiful Ones

Welcome to the most wonderful adventure,

The adventure of knowing yourself

For you are indeed, the most powerful being,

you have always been the real teacher of yourself!

…the door is open...enter.....and reach yourself….

About the School

The School of in-light-ment has been on the planet since the beginning of time for the purpose of helping human being to reach themselves, to uncover in themselves a higher way of consciousness.

The name of in-light-ment was chosen because it is indeed the awakening of the mind, the giving of light to the mind, the awakening of the two hemispheres that the true human being is able to use, for the Great Spirit gave human a brain to use, two hemispheres to connect into each other to reach the higher dimensions and to be aware of those, the first door to embrace to multidimensionality awareness in a human being.

The School of Ascension was in many places in the world, in places known today as India, Africa, South America, Mexico, Tibet, and many more. Mexico had the Calmecac, a school that was design by Quetzatcoatl and Quetzalkina to awaken the Eagle warrior. Those schools were destroyed when the patriarchal system was imposed. The school became hidden because of the persecution from the half brain people. The time to rebuild the temple is now.

In our school of Ascension, we want to bring back the teachings of the Calmecac, through the Union of Polarities, and the awakening of the eagle warrior inside of the self, a knowledge that belongs to the true human being. We consider the ancestors as geniuses, based on their teachings and creations, but in reality they simply were using the whole brain. The knowledge of male and female will bring balance back into the planet, for their way of living was through the union of polarities. So many of the teachings will be through Maya, Aztec and Toltec ways which were used in these schools.

There were also spiritual schools that were only for women. When those school were destroyed the women were forced to become a man and the began to stop making their work in the spirit. In that time space, the spiritual schools provided the golden light for all the people in the world, for from there came the sacredness of life and the enlightenment of the men.

This means that in the feminine hemisphere of the brain resides the knowledge and connection with the Holy Spirit.

Many men married with these women and bring many teachings to the world. Those schools were in many places in the world, and were in many tribes. They were in Mayaland, in Machupichu, in Avalon, India, and of course in France, where Magdala brought her powerful teachings, as well as many other places and realms.

The School of Ascension is for dedicated men and women, for in the brain is two hemispheres, one male and another female, and each one has their own way and connection into each other.

The New Golden Era, is a balance world.

The human being is ready now to embrace the connection and to use both of the hemispheres again, for the awakening of the DNA is taking place, the true human being is being born, and bringing with her-him a new way of perceiving the reality, a new way to relate into each other, the environment and the self.

The Only one that you need to reach is Yourself, are you ready?

Nuestra escuela es Bilingue

Mi corazón florece! acabo de terminar esta transmisión en nuestro radio completamente en español, "la cultura cura"  lo encuentras en “ancient Wisdom of the Feminine”

Nuestros ancestros nos dijeron, "por nuestra raza, hablara el espíritu" ahora, en nuestro nuevo sol, dejamos nuestro espíritu hablar!

Nuestra escuela en línea esta abierta, con clases completamente en español, en nuestra cultura, con nuestra raíz! ... y nuestras gran madre nos llama, y ya la escuchamos...

Mándame un mensaje, mi hermana, mi hermano, y empecemos esta nueva danza...

Ya viene el equinoccio, ya viene este nuevo despertar!

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