Today! and Tomorrow ..Is the day of Magdala, Mary Magdalena

Is the day, that we celebrate our womanhood, today, is the day of the Holy Spirit, the enlightener of the world

Magdala, the warrioress, the healer, the primordial Feminine, the Woman aspect, the one that brings the Light to the world, the one that is leading the way to a new world, the Golden Era, is here!... and she is in me… she is in you…

Today is the day of the feminine Christ! The one that said, “you are responsible for your own choices, be aware of your choices in every moment, for you are creating and
co-creating a reality for the many, it is the time to heal the wounds that the patriarchal system have made to the feminine aspect of God… and is love what heals, and …you are love

For a while now, the woman aspect has been massacred by the patriarchal system, at the point that women felt that they were “curse” by God, even with their moon time, in the illusion that the women were lesser beings, or the weak gender, that was a lie! She has been call the whore, she has been rape, abandoned, ignore … and Now! She stands up, and remembers who she is, and reclaiming her power, bringing truth into the world… leading the way to the new era.
The patriarchal system created that lie to control the people, to enslave the people, she was under attack for many, many centuries and in some cases thousands of years because she holds the liberation of all human beings

She has been in many cultures all over the world, always showing the way, and Now, she declares freedom for all human beings

She is holding hands with her divine masculine, the Christ, The eternal masculine for only through the perfect balance of the Eternal Feminine and the Eternal Masculine is where the portal of many worlds resides, the portal is within your self. She has made the inside the same of the outside and the outside the same of the inside..
The Christ Now, is here, supporting the Feminine, being with the feminine aspect of God, the liberation is at hand

Bring the sisterhood together, heal each other, remember that you are the enlightener of the world, remember who you are, stand up! And be that light that you have always been!
For she is in you… she is in me… and all around you.

Thank you Great Mother, that you make me a woman!

I Am You