Beautiful Ones


Moon dance have come to an end yet many things are begging…

Beautiful has been the ways of the feminine, for indeed, women is the virtual reality, where all is experience at the same time…for the world of the non time resides in the heart of all beings…

During Moon dance, all the beautiful sisters came into the realization of their own sacredness while the grandmother drum was awakening all around in the circle of fire…

 A new creation have been born, a new world came into being for indeed, we have been working for such a long time into creating a better world, and it has been accomplish. The world is a better place now, for you are in her, you, in a personal way, yes, you with all your love in your heart, with all your light as you are, with all the rainbows that you have recognize in your heart, with all your sacredness in motion and stillness.

From the realm of sacredness the beautiful sacred women have created a beautiful new world, and mannnnny things got unfold in front of our eyes, in de deep of the heart. The new (old) world, has been awakening in the many,  sooooooo beautiful….Authentic creation is everywhere…! Love is everywhere!



In lakesh

I am you