The pure love is the one who comes from the soul, does not have bottom or top... behind... front...It is the pure sensation, the total surrender of the self. The love satisfies itself, without touching the selfish points... Love is the liberator by essence, comprehensive and compassioned, constructor and destructor... Love can never be measured, it is found in the fountain of the endless self, the waters that never end...Love never begins or ends, love just is, because it is the essence of the soul, the God within...... Love is the connection with the divine within, always present, surrendered, free, calm, loyal witness.


To express that pure love the veils must be withdrawn like the sacred dance, the Sacred Dance of endless love... The dance to understand love has begun since the beginning of always.......The first veil to be removed is the one who holds the hair, this veil is tangled in the hair, and in order to be removed the intention must be created, until our hair runs free like the Wind, with this, the surrender of pride, and judgment, and the freedom that provokes and takes us beyond the limitation of the thinking process… As we let go this veil and enjoy the freedom with our hair so wild, we realize about the next veil, the veil that covers the eyes; it is very beautiful purple, the blindness, the lack of direction !


That is pain in action! Yes ,we can see! When we decide to remove it, truth is found.Finally, we find our direction, and the ultimate beauty is discovered, truth is in front of us; we see the majestic of the great mother, the stars and moon ! The deep clarity of the children's eyes, nothing is hidden anymore, pain is gone, and freedom is found because of truth !


 It is not an image anymore, it is the realization of the self !...


But still many veils to be withdrawn! We can see the veil that covers our mouth and throat; it is blue like the sky! So beautiful! and light ! It must go too! It is the same mouth that we kiss and bless, but also it is the shout from within that we never did. There are so many silences and anguishes being held in that veil ! Yes truth must be shouted, and at the time of that surrender, a song of freedom comes out from the soul !


...Slowly, and almost shyly, we realize the veil that is holding our heart. It is green, as the forest ! It is tightly, suppressing, covering the heart, there is so much pain to let go ! So afraid to be hurt! so we dance by whirling and whirling, and the veil gets loosened, as if it has no reason to be there, covering our breast, now in freedom to nourish the self and every soul, and the sensation of pure love begins the dance.


Finally, we find the love for our own selves, the fountain of the endless love.... in this surrender the compassion is discovered, to the own self and every soul that is around us! We will never be hurt again provides by itself !In this beautiful Sacred dance of the freedom the veil that is holding our waist, is removed, like aconsequence, like life by itself, destiny. Yellow is the color, and with this we surrenderthe will to the eternal femininity within, to the one who knows, this part of the self that has the knowledge of everything, the whole history is in her skin ! It is the teacher, sister, mother, daughter, it is the woman , the transformer, . . . the light Giver!


 The wanting to control and have power over others is gone ! And with that our slavery is over....


But we still see the orange veil ! With this we see the desire, another pain to be removed, another veil to be removed it gets tangled around the legs, falling so slowly ! And when it touches the ground, the understanding of duality finds the way to unity ! A new liberation is taking place !


 But there is one more still, one veil to be removed, the red of life! It is the connection with life, the fear is there in it, we must die to live ! said this voice inside the self ! We are afraid to be so naked !But finally in the passion of the dance that veil is gone ! and with that comes the understanding of the eternal life ! The whole being is integrated, it vibrates as whole ! Sensation of the manifestation of life, love, and light is surrounding the being, in a continuum dance of the sacredness of the self! In the nakedness of this surrender we show ourselves the crystal within, it is the love of the Christ inside that shines all over the self, finally nothing to hide, there is no more pain, no time or timeless, no more limitations,

chains are broken in the eternal surrender of love !

I Am You