Our School started in March 21 , 2008.

A note from our Founder and Director

I am Magdala, and I come from the Mexica-Mayan people where I was trained in the ancient ways of my people.

I hesitated to create a school online for a very long time, for it seemed too modern for me, and yet the Mother began to show me the way to use technology as a means to help people to go into higher dimensions.

This time space is so beautiful and powerful, but also it is very tricky, for there are the 2 worlds overlapping on each other, where the human being is the bridge, the path, and the way.

So many things are unfolding in many realms in the spirit.

There is a galactic war going on and the war is inside of the people as human beings. They are their own worst enemy and also they are their own best ally. For you are the teacher. And this school has been designed to help people with the spiritual work inside themselves.

I grew up in many places in Mexico, and it was a good thing. My father was right when he moved so many times for it allowed me to embrace different tribes in Mexico and yet to understand it is one single knowledge that exists.I was surrounded by abuelas (grandmothers), where I would sit and listen to what they needed to say, my first lesson was, "you go in life making relatives, for relatives comes from the heart, not only blood relatives", for they were my teachers along with the ancient pyramids and symbols where all this knowledge was unraveling inside of me.

I have been working with people in the spirit for as long as I remember. I was born this way, and it was hard in the beginning to come to the Unites States, yet I am privileged to do so for in coming here I found the eagle warrior in me. I needed to see the knowledge in all the tribes, not only Mexica or Mayan, but also I needed to uncover myself into higher ways of perceiving reality. I needed to practice the ancient ways as an eagle warrior in the male ways and the female ways. I am a walking tradition, and yet the knowledge is not about tradition but about to how to awaken the heart into a higher version of yourself. Yes, I use ancient techniques to show the way inside of the self. However, I cannot work through you; I can only show you the path. People must walk their own path for all paths are holy.

I have been working with the feminine way in a strong manner since the age of 28, the day that I became a mother, for my first daughter was my teacher. And I listened to what the Great Mother said to me, and I listened to the importance of the emerging of the feminine, the virtual reality that the ancestors spoke about.

We have been working with the male way, for the time has come for the men to embrace the sacredness of life that resides inside and outside and all around. It is the time when the Men need to embrace the knowledge of how to relate with the true feminine so they can heal themselves from that separation. For the men must awaken to see women as sacred.

As we have been speaking, the male and female energies reside inside of the self, and there is the work, in the inside is where the spiritual work resides. For unity starts within the self, “Make the inside the same of the outside and the outside the same of the inside”.

I have been making seminars and ceremonies since I was young, and now I conduct seminars all over the United States, Mexico, and I will be coming soon to Europe and South America. You can find more information about all of the seminars and ceremonies at www.unionofpolarities.com

If you decide to enter into this journey by taking these courses on line, please know that my English can be “funky”. Right now you might not see that because I have a wonderful sister that is editing my writing. So you might receive emails from me where my grammar or spelling is not too good, but the true eloquence comes from the heart, where the true language resides….

In lakesh

I am you