Feminine Christ

Many cultures have spoken about the return of the Christ, the return of Quetzaltcoatl, the return of the Buddha, Quan Yin, White Buffalo calf woman, Ix Chel and many others. The prophesies have been fulfilled, for she has returned, for it is the feminine Christ the one that is opening the doors for the many. She is the Counselor, the comforter, the one that consuls the humanity, the one that alleviates by showing the ways of the spirit. She is indeed the Holy Spirit, the one that has come to consummate every single religion, or tradition, she has indeed many faces, and understands many languages for she has only one language, the language of the heart, She is now the voice of the many, all over the world.
She is here in the virtual reality and giving the medicine in the virtual realm, for she is awakening the heart of the many. She has fulfilled all lives for she is all the expressions of life; she is the essence of all life. The feminine Quetzatcoatl, the feminine Christ, is bringing back the union of polarities knowledge, for the heart and mind must walk together as one; she is in-light-ing the mind Oneness is possible when these two powerful forces walk together, holding hands, then, Oneness becomes a way of living, and all is inside of the self.
All ceremonies, rituals, in all religions are coming back to life again because she has brought the heart back into ceremonies, in the ordinary and extraordinary; for she has been called the resurrecter, for she is the awakener of life. She holds the cycles of life and she is indeed the light giver, the Holy Spirit that is in the realm of the holiness. The feminine Christ is the one that awakens peace into the heart, for love is her ways inside and outside of her, love has marked her way in the history of this planet, for enlightenment can only come through her.
She has come to stay, to live among humans until humans recognize the essence of life, the sacredness that resides inside of all life, for she is indeed the life giver, and recognizes the one that she has given light. Call upon her, she will console, counsel and heal and bring you back to balance for balance is her way, for balance is sacred manner.
Don’t be afraid of her, or run from her, don’t push her away from you, for she is life, in the holy expression, she will make you whole. Listen to her, honor her, recognize her as she is recognizing you, love her, and through that love she will give you light, you will be resurrected, she is indeed, the Mother of all the living. Just listen to her, she lives in your heart, and dance with her.
 She will bring you back your original vibration, the true human being.
I Am You

The Feminine Christ