Our Temples & Community

All these temples as well as all community projects were built through the sisterhood. But before the structures came into being, that sisterhood needed to be built first. Women are not used to being sisters for the programming of the system taught them separation, competitions, back-stabbing and hidden agendas. so bringing the sisterhood in women, working heart to heart, praying in every brick, praying every day in sweat lodge ceremonies and building the bridges inside of the people has been a big long story. But we can say now that a strong sisterhood is there. Teaching and uncovering the true sister has been beautiful and long journey for each one of the women. I love that during ceremonies, they just look into each others eyes and they know exactly how the sister feels. They protect each other and connect with each other all the time. Now they are being guided by the great mother in the sisterhood and it is beautiful to see that they are connected all year round, not only in ceremonies. This happened before every temple was built. We have so many stories in every single project- women overcoming the fear of drilling, mixing cement, building bridges. Women overcoming the fear of building and trusting your sister with you in prayer to bring the creations forward in the land where the water comes out from the womb. 


Community Kitchen

Before we had a tarp as a kitchen. And it was a magical thing to have enough donations to build a community kitchen. We are so proud to tell you that we have stoves, coolers, pot and pans and every year we have all what we need. The design on the door was made by Sarita and Shrishti. A beautiful ixpapalotli, a sacred butterfly is in the door that turns into a porch.  

Community bathroom 

The community bathroom is the coolest bathroom in ceremony that i have every seen. We have a donation of 5 4x8 sheets so we built a 5 wall outside house as a bathroom. We just renovated it last ceremony. Now its beautiful- purple with a tree of life. We have Water!!!!!! Yes, it is a big blessing to have community bathroom!!! 

Rainbow Bridge