Beautiful Ones


   We are just about to begin moon dance, the dance that we all do within of the self,  wherethe work is unfolded as human being is embracing who they truly are, for the only they need to reach themselves. . Many beautiful powerful women are coming for they know the sacredness that resides inside of the self, and they will be praying for all the people embrace the Holy Spirit (the feminine) for all life is sacred.


     Yes, this is tough times, this is where is the time to stay connected into the spirit. Many things are unfolding in the many places in the massive consciousness of all human being, yet beauty is everywhere!....


    Here is the time, where the mother will take you into the father, means, love, will take you into the divine order, this is how our ancestors did into walking into the multi-dimension, this is how the new world is unfolding inside of the self. How to do it?


   This is how you do it…stop yearning for love, for love has been always inside of you, observe love and put it on the energy as an energy in yourself, through your presence, then,  when you are holding the beautiful energy of love, observe all around you, is sooo beautiful, observe the world unfolding with your new eyes with so much love inside of yourself, all is involve in a divine order, the divine order that the father bring to you for you to realize him in his perfection. For perfection is in the human beings, for perfection is all around you, The father, with all his beauty can be reach only by realizing what he is showing to you in that perfection of the self, The mother is holding you when you open your heart to hold what you are, you are love, …express the love that you have always been. Listen to the orchestra of the stars, the orchestra of life


   Here is the dance of love of all true humans, this is we enter into the new world of perception of the self, for all starts by moving the image that you have about yourself, to enter into the world of the enchanted flower as the ancestors call this world,  For they are mmaaannny worlds beyond, where the freedom resides, and all is inside of you through that beautiful embracing of your own self…. Just, don’t look back…for pain will hold you back in your old perception of the self.


  When you move the image of yourself, through your own presence, and love is awaken in you, then you will remove the image that you have about all around you, then you have a beautiful worlds of possibilities, and all is inside of you…  through love and flowing of the divine order.

 We will be finish” the 20 of June, with a solstice ceremony, everybody is welcome!


    In love I am.. I am you

In lakesh