Beauty, Balance is everywhere, and there are many paths to get there...    human beings tend to go into balance, because balance is about nature,  and nature is inside of each human being, in the authentic human.

                       Finding this balance inside of yourselves you are finding true nature,

the connection with the all, and when you realize that you have been in touch with that balance many times is when you also have been into chaos just for the privilege of going back into balance again, but this time in a deeper manner, a deeper awareness, a deeper understanding of yourself and into acceptance of unity with yourself , with the all...


When we listen from that balance there is no question that is not being answered, there is no hidden things in the universe, it is the place where questions-answers become one, the universe is the all and you become that.


No matter where are you stepping in your dream, it contains the all, the bondedness is through your awareness, acceptance of yourself.


You may be reflected in love or even become love by itself, or the thought of love as a choice inside of you either way that force inside and out will take you to the realization of yourself that is indeed,  the way of becoming.  We call sacredness, some divinity, ...many names have that space in the heart of humans. But names are not important....


Nature, mama, always takes care of her babies in one way or the other, sometimes it takes a chaos to awaken that part that she puts in the authentic humans, her authentic babies to become the all.


   Cycle is our ways, this is her ways, there is only curves, cycles in the universe, as we accept our own nature we accept her and with that acceptance we become one.

Our ancestors call this planet the star ...there is no separation in the universe, all the planets, everything is part of this big huge orchestra...we all are then star beings, we are then, shining light inside out and reflecting light outside in.    for one instance, chaos and order becomes one...and that instant will become eternal....


                                                                        In Lakesh