True Human Being

Warrior Woman, The Peaceful Warrior

Yes, is for men and women…

For a very long time Women have been seen as helpless, and weak beings that very much depend on the men for wherever their life was taking them.

Here we are in the rising sun of the new era, and still we find these old ways of thinking and old paradigms where the women still see themselves like that,

With the emerging of the feminine we have found out, all over the world, that the woman is far from what she thought for many generations that she was, we have found out that the woman is indeed, a powerful being that very much the whole world depends on her work as women.

The new world is not a patriarchal system, but not also a matriarchal system either, it is a balanced world, a world where the woman is embracing herself as a woman, and knowing her place in the multiverse and the man is finding his place to in the multiverse.

In this course, we will find the peace and trust in the own self, to change the programming of what is a man and what is a woman.

It is finding the true human being inside of the self, and creating a new reality within and in the outside of the self. “Make the inside the same as the outside and the outside the same as the inside” as the Christ said.

This is like a laboratory class, where you will make a lot of research, inside of yourself, and will work in proving your theories; you will use all your skills to find your truth and your “weapons” to help you keep on standing…