Beautiful Ones

   Did you saw the sky yesterday night? Was so beautiful The crescent moon with Venus and Jupiter, …the triad… time of the reunion…. Within the self.
   The time of Ascension have begun, the time of awakening into a higher consciousness have begun …. 

    For long time we have been speaking about the new world, and the way of the new world is about relationship, the way people relate with the environment, relate with each other…the way you relate within yourself….
     People is passing through very heavy moments, this is a moment of truth, it is a moment when people need to put it on what they know, for the hologram is broken, is falling apart, is expirer, the identity, what we think that we were, based on back ground, based on relationships, based on an hologram that we created in ourselves, is broken…
     This is the time when we are reaching ourselves, and learn how to relate within the self in a higher understanding….
    Attachment is the clue … there is a place that you want to have it the way you always have it, based on pass experiences, through pass emotions, or a dynamic of the families created based on a perspective of separation, an identity, a roll given to you by a system, a roll given to you as a pass emotions, ….all that is gone, and here is what the struggles resides… the sensation is nothing to hold on…

    The vision of the relationships, has been distorted for a very long time, and we feed those relationships based of the identity within that is also distorted, wrong beliefs, expectation, and the old paradigm that have given us a sensation of “purpose” in life .. is taking place, and the resistance of bringing new ways to relate into the freedom of the world that it is unfolding in front of our eyes as well is in the inside. Means, if you are a mother, your children were there to teach you your motherhood and awake your powers as a mother, or as a father, …means that with this knowledge you are the mother of all the living things, ….if you are a wife or a husband, the perception is changing into the father-mother God, even the way of perception of human being, is changing into been human and the greatness of being the daughter and son of father-mother God, now people knows that they are creators, that they can create, and that power comes from father-mother God, the perception of being human have change…and all is happening inside, as well as the outside, like a mirror… Now is the time to love in freedom…
     We truly need to use the medicine of being human, the medicine is In Lakesh, the I am you, the way truly is to see each other as an aspect of the own self, and recognizing the world of oneness and get use to the new way of perceiving reality of perceiving the self, into the world of oneness….

  Be as light as a feather, don’t struggle, do not fight to preserve the old dying paradigm that is holding you back, ….don’t look back, human being born with surrender, now is the time when you live in surrender, in entrega, knowing that you already know how to Ascend, for if a human being have done it before you, created a path for you to recognize this energy within yourself.

    This is a time when the connection with the spirit, brings you into you are the spirit and the connection, the sensation of nothing to hold on is so strong in this time, yet, hold on into the Mother (or what we call the mother) for you are a connector… so is all life forms…
  I love you, each of you, sooo much! I am so thankful!

For in each of you is me! I have found you inside of me!

Can you see me inside of you?