Sacred Sex

The maximum ceremony that human being can perform is
the ceremony where the two becomes one.
For the ancestors, the perception of love and unity was
very sacred, for it was understood as a ceremony that opened
a portal, a door where they communicate with many spirits,
the performing of the ceremony in a holy manner was so
important because that will depend of what kind of spirits
will come.

Sex, as it is known in the system, through the
programming, is a very distorted perception, that must be
cleared up and go back to the mastery of the energy of the
kundalini, the mastery of being human.

In this course, you will heal past male-female
relationships, and to embrace a beautiful and powerful
knowledge of sacred sex.

This is not a technique sacred sex course, the techniques
are given to you be able to embrace the ceremony where the
two have become one.

In this course you will have extra homework if you are