Beautiful ones The wind of changes is here and it is indeed exciting times.......The layers between dimensions are thinner. One is containing the all, and all is containing the one.


    The true vibration in human beings has been awakened. Now the DNA is rearranged into the original one, and so many changes are happeninginside the beautiful people,changes that will help the adaptation in the beautiful planet. 

 She is unfolding and unraveling within herself.


In our ways, it is the World of the Enchanted Flower, the one that is showing us the way, the Golden Light, the one where there is absence of fear, and the place within the self, where all the songs come from, the sacred songs that lead the way.


People now need to ask themselves,  " Where am I ? "

and choose your world.Choose where you are standing. So when you are being consciously awake and knowing where you are ... then create from that place,a place of unity and love.Create from the World of the Enchanted Flower, the place of the Golden Light. Create and re-create from this world, for all this world, it is for all,  the highest good of the people, all the people , all life forms.Bring yourselves together, and just allow your beautiful DNA, that recognizes the path.

This will guide you.


For you are your own teacher,  and you are the expression of the sacredness,

for all life is sacred.


In this beautiful time space , where the layers between dimensions are thinner, human beings are able to recognize themselves in a higher way, a higher version of a human being . When the people are ready to conceive (give birth to the new self) themselves, in a beautiful manner, Liberation takes place. For it is your right as a human being.


That is the true vibration.All human beings, as well as all of life forms are passing through this beautiful initiation.


 These time spaces have happened before .......There is alot of work to do, and undo. For the original vibration has been awakened.There are so many changes, so many movements,

in all relations...... So Beautiful


 I Am You