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The cost of the school is $144 dollars per month, or save a little if you pay trimester, only 400, (To register send us an email with your name, age, address, spiritual beliefs,  to  or just submit the form below ). This entitles you to choose any course, work at your own pace (with some exceptions in certain lessons) and receive lessons designed to work with the Aztec Calender “Trecenas” or as we call it, the Waves.  The Ancestors were not measuring time, they were measuring consciousness, and our Aztec Calendar is showing the way…  So, We have 13 days with certain energies that is giving us our spiritual work. There is a class every Sunday part of the School of Ascension where we share our experiences.

A Note from Magdala

The teachings of the Great Mother has always been in my heart since I was a little girl, those teachings are truly opening the doors to create a better world for our children, if you prefer just to receive those teachings go to our podcast,   

and choose golden era series, where so many teachings are coming forward, we do ask for a donation of 5 dollars monthly to have our radio going. Our school is completely bilingual, English and Spanish,  for Spanish is my First Language.

Thank you for all your work! we are creating a better world!

I am you


 Our Trimester starts every equinox and solstice. Yet you can register anytime. 

If you have any questions please email us at   

Specifics of the program include:

-A lesson every week in the course that you choose with
homework, yet everyone has their own rhythm, you will choose your time
- Unlimited email for dialogue and help on the course work which includes weekly group class online.
- An online session once a week to dialogue with other students 

- Working with the Aztec Calendar Trecenas


School Payments

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