The Mayan-Aztec Ancient teachings of the Chakras- The Cuecueyos

Our people, Maya Mexica,  have a knowledge about the chakras and they called it Cuecueyos. It was more than centers. It was a sense that is being developed that needs to be addressed in this time space. The Cuecueyos is a knowledge that has been hidden for a very long time and right now it is very important to bring this one forward, for many situations in the system is related with lack of understanding of this very ancient language.  
There will be  a webinar in two sessions -  Saturday - April 14 & April 21 . We need to bring it forward in the ways of the feminine that has been missing for a very long time.  The ancestors did many meditations, meditations that will be explained in these sessions. When you see those centers as senses it is truly creating another story within your own self. it will explain how the patriarchal system wanted to limit those teachings to keep the people enslaved. 

 When: April 14 & April 21, Saturday at 7:30 pm Central Time Zone

Fee: $100. Discount of 50% will be done for those enrolled in the School of Ascension ($50 fee) 

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