Use you Medicine

In this course you will find your medicine, your talents and awake other medicine that you never suspected they were there….

In this lesson you will find your energy work, how to use your energy, power and protection.

All medicine is sacred, for it is a gift from the Great Spirit, and It is the medicine that will take you to reach yourself. All life forms have medicine, for life is a messenger of the spirit, finding your power animal is finding your helpers, they will give you medicine, finding yourself, will be uncover human being’s medicine, for humans have their medicine as a messengers of the spirit. The most powerful medicine as a human being is being human.

In life, many people just forget about their medicine, and think that they have none, for the medicine has not been awakened or just not been recognized. All medicine is sacred for it comes as a gift from the spirit, you born with her, you have your power and your guidance, you have your allies as well as your challenges, all is part of the medicine, a medicine that will help all the people around you. Using your medicine is a gift for the whole world, for you have come into this realm to do a job, that job cannot be done by anybody but you, awakening your medicine will take you back into your own power and re-learn to use your power and be responsible for your power, as well as protection skills that you must find within yourself.




We have now Using your medicine 11