Masculine Versus Feminine


For a long time human beings have been working in the masculine ways, for the feminine was prohibit, and she went into the hidden to survive, For many ages, human beings have created a system, a belief, a way of living, accordingly to their culture, expressing a knowledge that has been in this planet where was about balance, a masculine-feminine ways, and as the prohibition came into being the feminine was banish and punish…  Many religions and traditions all over the world could only work in the masculine ways, the ways that goes from the outside to the inside, that in some cases was good, silence your mind to be able to touch the core of your being, but the other side was not taught, the feminine ways the part that goes from the inside to the outside, was vanish in many religions and traditions.


    The emerging of the Divine feminine, comes here to consummate all religions and traditions, to go back to the very beginning of all of them, and she is not here to bring the other side of the tortilla, but to bring that original balance, to give birth to a balance world, and through that balance bring forward a better way of living, a new world, a world that meant to be since the beginning…


     So, here we are, here it is the path of balance, within and without the self… at list some of them:


* Masculine ways: some one else is responsible for your connection to the spirit, a priest a medicine men, a religion, a tradition, some one outside of you holds your connection…

* Feminine ways: You are the connector, and the connection, you are responsible for that connection, and that connection is so unique and it is only between you and the spirit, no one holds your connection, yes, sometimes other people can open doors for you, but only you can walked…



*Masculine ways: One religion or traditions is better than the other, and people needs to change religion accordingly to the most popular at the time, “you need to turn into something that you are not”

*Feminine ways: All old religions and traditions comes from the same root, a perfect balance of male and female, there is not one better than the other, and respect for every tradition and religion is imperative at this time, for the recognition of the same root is there… you don’t turn into something that you are not, you are beautiful as you are


*Masculine ways: Spiritual Practices make you follow a religion or tradition; there fore you are a spiritual being

*Feminine Ways: You are an spirit that holds a body, having an spiritual experience all the time, every day, every moment, not only in your spiritual practices.


*Masculine Ways:  Objects, tittles, degrees, names, make you powerful, you are being define by the system, the system tells you who you are, accordingly to those matters, your goals are in the future…

*feminine Ways: in every step is your goal and your fulfillment, and you accomplishment, your own realization of the self, it is not the objects, the material things that makes you powerful but it is you the one that makes powerful objects.


* Masculine ways: The structure is more important than the essence, the technique, is more important, is the whole…

*Feminine Ways: It is the essence, the heart, the one that creates the structure, and will be different all the time, for the mother never repeats herself, it is through the essence where people can find themselves…


*Masculine Ways: “be here now” everyone must be bounded by the same reality, denying the self and the experience by itself, and the uniqueness about it…

*Feminine ways: Every one is having a unique experience, so my now is different that your now, you are not bounding into time, you hold the time in your hand, present, past and future, all happening at the same time


*Masculine Ways: You cannot believe in you, you must find someone to believe on, for you are an imperfect being…

*Feminine Ways: Believe in you, for it is you the one that holds you!  It is you the one that is having an experience, you are a perfect being!  Go and tell the mother that her children are not perfect! (Don’t want to be in your shoes) how do you believe in you? By Be-ling in you… the presence of your own presence


*Masculine Ways: You must find love outside, some one to loves you.. You need to love yourself…

*Feminine Ways:  YOU ARE LOVE!  The fountain that never ends, this is your medicine of being human, you are love with many directions, you are the teacher of love, this is who you are…


*Masculine Ways: You are not responsible; there is all the time some one to blame…

You have all the justifications that you need… justification=something that is bad makes it good

*Feminine Ways: You are responsible, and through that responsibility, freedom is being achieved, you born free, you have always been free, you will keep that freedom as you embrace responsibility of yourself.


* Masculine ways: Control the heart, disconnect with your heart, for feelings are not allow, emotional beings are not allow…  (Only in some countries)

*Feminine Ways: Let the heart guide you, for you know the path, and it is you the one that knows, it is you the leader of yourself… the only one that you need to reach is you, and you reach you all the time…


* Masculine ways: live your life”

* Feminine ways:  You are life


*Masculine Ways: Go back to nature

*Feminine Ways: you are Nature


*Masculine ways: clock wise

*Feminine Ways: counter clock wise


*Masculine ways: “let go”

*Feminine Ways: go to the next step, use the issue as a stepping stone


*Masculine ways: Forgive and Forget”

* Feminine Ways: The stories repeat by itself, do not forget where that hole is, so you don’t go there anymore, forgiving is for your own liberation, is not about other person but yourself.


*Masculine ways: what other people thinks of you is more important, so be compassioned and humble

*Feminine Ways:  compassioned and humbleness comes naturally when you know who you are, do not care what other people thinks of you, you are not here in popularity contest.



Masculine Ways

: Pain is a virtue, you are here to suffer”

*Feminine Ways: pain has been a good teacher, but you have better, now is about happiness as your teacher


*Masculine Ways: Women are there to follow the man, “Your heart is there to follow your mind”

*Feminine Ways: It is your heart that connects with the multiverse and many realms, it is your heart the one that enlighten your mind, it is your heart the one that has the power,  now men, listen to your heart, now woman, bring that voice of wisdom loud and clear, for you are the one leading the way…




      And, as it is for the Feminine, that has been in silence for such a long time, women from all over the world, can feel the struggling to bring their voice loud and clear, from the inside to the outside, the path that for long time has not been walked, from the inside to the outside, a voice that will bring balance world into being…


   Now we must dance together, male and female, Father and MOTHER God, and as it is now, might be that the feminine step on the masculine shoes, or the masculine to step on the feminine shoes, just don’t give up, get the rhythm, is in your nature, the dance will take you into that perfect divine order, to the perfect synchronicity, the orchestra of the universe… A world where the union of both is within yourself


I am you