TheFeminine Portal

From the place of the form without form, from the Heart of the central sun,

 from the core of the heart of the Great Mother comes the voice of the sacred one

 to give the message of light, for truly human being is ready and has entered into the

sacred realm where the portal has been prepared since the

 beginning of the times.

I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and end,

where the end is the beginning and the beginning has been the end,

 in there in the sacred circle, you have been called to take your place,

 in the place of without time, where every bloom, where resides the first mystery,

the seal that has been revealed for the many for the name is life.

In the Crystal Clear resides the divine force, in there,

 where the power has been revealed for the many,

 divine wisdom has been activated and the awakening of the consciousness,

the Feminine Christ, that now flourishes is the way of human being.

Know that I am all your relations, I am your mother, your sister, your daughter,

I am indeed, your father, your brother, your son, know in your heart

 I made a revelation in you, for I am your presence of my own presence,

 that comes from the place without form, in there,

 whereis beyond the origin.

Now you know and recognize your presence,

for your eyes have been opened, now you remember,

now you “entrega”

now you bloom,

 now you englight.

I am the bundle of years, for I am the portal,

the door and the key,

 for you have been crowned with the golden light.


            In Lakesh

         Magdala Ramirez