Beautiful Ones


The Prophesy of the condor and the eagle shows the way of the next step of evolution, the time when the two powerful energies become one.The female-male union of polarities, the south and north, mind and heart, must learn how to walk together and create a path for the true human being to come back to life, to awaken into a new reality within the self.


 Many ceremonies have been made to give birth to this encounter; Is human being evolved enough to embrace this force within the self ? An awakened human she-he has worked from the inside to the outside and the outside to the inside to uncover the true vibration within.


 Human beings have a unique vibration,  a vibration that humans are suppose to keep and grow inhigher octaves in that same vibration, that unique vibration is the personal key for opening dimensions inside and outside the self,  that key is only good for that self,  it is the connection with the spirit, it is so unique and personal that the vibration cannot work for other person.


 Every single life form has that original vibration, a unique connection with the spirit. Growing into a higher octaves means that the mother, the Earth Mother, will provide the higher octaves of that unique vibration, 3.1416, phi...


 Nowadays, human beings have lost the original key, they have forgotten where they put it, they began to think that they were separated from the spirit, and that only religions and traditions were the connectors to the spirit, people forgot that spirituality comes from the spirit in a unique form to the being, not from somebody else’s connection,  they give the power to a system to tell them who they are,  then they want to be somebody else, and the notes of the original vibration begin to be exchanged for something that human beings are not, and the world of separation, the world of distortion of the original vibration beganas a way of living.


 We are witnessing a powerful time in the his-tory and her-story of the world for it is  finallypossible for unity to happen, for human beings have grown enough, integrated the self enough to understand and embrace unity in the outside of the self.  It is not about mixing or turning into something that is not originally into the self, or changing tradition and becoming something that is not in the original vibration, but it is about unity....unity that starts and ends within the self.


South, Central and many parts of north America are welcoming ceremonies to create the pathof unity, for the condor and the eagle, the female and the male, heart-mind can fly together, for this is the first door that human beings must walk, for balanceis the name of this door . Make the inside the same as the outside and the outside the same as the inside...The new world, the new order is about relationships, the way people relate within the self as well the way they relate to one another, and the environment, by the recognition of In lakesh, I am your other you,...The self respect leads into unity for love is the bonding. Through the essence of love, we recognize the self as a connector, a connection that is through the original vibration. Through the essence of love, human being is able to give birth, to the expression of Oneness.


I am you