Moondance Testimonials 

Magdala,  Thank you so much for taking us into you home and accepting us as your sisters.  Moon Dance was the most amazing expression of Love that I have expiernced.  I have spent the last year clearing things one at a time and trancemuting them.  At moon dance so many things where transmuted effortlessly. More was cleared for me in this time than in years of work.   
We met so many wonderful women.  I remembered things and people.  I am truely honored to be a Moon Dancer.  Thank you sooo much.  Leamarie

I am a Moondancer ! I also met my sisters.I release pain I refuse to feel.My spirit n eyes are brighter.I had so many visions n feeling I been here before.I wonder who am I.I am you.I am sacred.thank yall for your Love.Im still have my heart in the clouds. my love to All.stephanie thewhitedove55

 I still feel a buzzing energy in my body, Im not sure that Im grounded yet. Been working allot & will be able to catch up on sleep this wkend.

 HMN? my experience of moondance.....iits different every year. This year I felt that i went higher than last year. The male aspect was a different dynamic. I learned alot of lessons about the mirrors that every person reflects of myself....intense! from the dark female/male to the high spirited, open hearted me...The soggy heat left me in complete surrender, moving slower than normal, the work preparing was a tough love, blisters, bug bites and all..teaching the songs was natural but demanding, drum ming inthe sweat made me nervous since i didnt know all the songs, but it felt good when people reacted positively saying thankyou for drumming..(i also noticed that spirit took over when I drummed in the sweat, no trouble breathing, just a deep connection of presence)...i feel that i did a lot of "jumping" which always makes me feel good that i even tried without a fight...filling the oil with you was an honor, i loved just being in the circle, no matter how much "work" it was...
 Oh, I do beleive that singing while dancing was very powerful...i got higher much was harder but more rewarding...energetically.

 I feel a strong bond with everyone, except george...The dynamic with the dark masculine(george & dale) was very powerful. Having that talk with pure honesty, and vote was amazingly effective. It really left me with the the strength to be more clear, direct & honest right away with people. believe me it is not a strong trait of Minnesota people....sad!

My experience when i arrived back home was also interesting....i came home to my roomate having a male friend over who i had never met before but whom I heard about, and knew that he represents the dark male energy. he was strange and disrespected me 5 times in the first 15 minutes of being home. I told him he had to leave and remove his motorcycle from my property...he & my roomate left, she came back home later & we talked about him. Then....a female police woman was knocking at my front door. She said that she had this man in her car and he requested that she take him to my house. I said NO, he isnt welcome I know that he represents my roomates dark male side, but to some degree my own as well...she is the one who let him back into her trying to see the messages behind the drama...HELP!

So my question is what was that all about?

Overall, I loved moondance...the male energy was distracting...kinda sucked sometimes...but it did teach me that i have to try to let the male into my circle...I just have to be discerning if he is true or not....and that is my work...

PS I think we should invent SOLAR COOLERS>>>>>

 tarps are good too!!!:)ha!

what about heavy duty garbage cans(metal with covers) for the camp grounds? would that help keep jeta out of the trash or not?

 I loved the closing ceremony, give away, recapitulation...but it went really late...i dont know how we could do it earlier, since people sleep during the day. Next year I plan to stay longer..

Love ya! Still danCing in the 5th!!




Moon Dance far exceeded any expectations.  We started out learning songs and drumming.  We got to know each others rhythms and voices.  We laughed and teased and bonded.  The songs meanings were so deep with the drumming that we could feel an immediate shift, an immediate spirit and body response.  It was a great sadness which was invoked by the fist song.  It spoke of "where is your sadness, tell me...."  This was very unexpected for me, I thought I was just in a completative mode.  But no, a quiet sadness.  Then we learned the second song, with the beat of the butterfly wings on the drum.  It was strong and lifted us up.  We began to feel our strengths, our vision, our own sacredness... and we sang loud "I am sacred".   We were flying.  The third song was slow again, a dance of celebrating our relationship with the Great Mother and each other.  A coming together.  An embracing.  But our journey was only just beginning on the sacred path to Moon Dance ceremony. 

Now the cleansing preparations by sweat in the Kiva.  We entered the Kiva, Magdala sang, we sang the songs, calling in the spirits, praying our vulnerabilities.  It took so much trust in each other to do this.  When I sat and listened to the prayers and the pains and the gratefulness my own guards melted..... and I cried and I sobbed and I ran and I came back and I lost my breath..... and I found another part of me.  I didn't stay in the sweats as long as my fellow dancers, they didn't judge or get angry with me.  They taught me that it is okay, that our journeys are still to dance together.  I love them all soooooooo much for that.  And Magdala, she held on to me, for dear life, and told me to look into her eyes and breath.... she kept repeating, "I am here, I am here, I am never going to leave you, I am here and I love you.  Look at me, I am here."  It felt like a dam broke inside of me, I couldn't quit shaking and crying.  I sat inside the circle and my sisters came and supported me, loved on me and loved me.  How incredible is that? 

So the bonds were formed, the trust was sacred and we went up to the Moon Dance ceremony grounds.  We entered in the sacred manner, awestruck by the brilliance of the tiki torches, the prayer bags embracing each one and traveling to the other to complete the golden circle.  Our focus was set, we made an agreement with the Mother, with Magdala and with each other to dance each night for 3 nights.  As a dancer lifted the gate, we each acknowledged the gatekeeper and entered this lifted realm.  We walked into the dance grounds and found our sacred spot and began praying while listening to the soft drum beat and the rhythmic singing of the drummers.  Once we all had our feet on the ground we wanted to dance the drumming took another beat and our feet began to move.... we were dancing, praying, focused....and in that focus everything else slipped away.  We did that for 3 nights.  It was exhilarating.  I learning so much about myself.

For me, at this, my first moon dance, I learned of my own sacredness.  That me, the one me, the small insignificant me, is NOT small, is NOT insignificant.  I danced my fears, my tears, my physical limitations I've set on myself.... I danced my love, my sacredness, my prayers.  MY prayers were important, they will make a difference.  I AM important in the whole scheme of things, I matter.  My voice matters, my heart matters, my presence matters.  I counted.  This is one of the many gifts my fellow dancers sent to me by their love and caring, by their sweeping me up when I felt I was falling.  No judgements, no chastising, no "oh brother" glances.  So much love in the dancers and our teacher.  I learned that no one plays a small role, we ALL play such important roles in the small and grand, grand scheme of things. 

When I danced on the earth, I could smell her,  I could feel her, I could hear the drum until each beat began to run together as a hum.  The pain in my hip would get to bad that I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to quit dancing.  My companions told me before we danced, if you think you cannot dance any more, then focus on the Mother and she will help you.  So I fought back the tears and I prayed and I didn't even notice the pain anymore.  We danced and sang and shared and drank a lot of water and did it all again.  We watched the moon move across the sky then dance to the left and then to the right again.  We sang a song to the sun as it rose.  All is well, we are tired and we are happy and high on this energy. That was amazing. 

I thought I would be so sore from so much activity in the dance circle, but the following morning when I woke up, no muscle soreness, no aches, no pains....????? okay, better go eat and make more prayer bundles and visit and make things ready for the next dance.

Magdala, you have made such a difference in my life, I am leaning that my spirit is so much stronger than I thought, I've learned that I can do it, that I am NOT alone, that I AM so loved, that I can love deeply and with laughter.  I've learned "not my business", "take your I don't give a shit pill", "come on people, focus", "where are you standing?", "stay in your peace".... sooooooooooo many wonderful truths.

We were in the 5th, you taught us how to dream it, to create it, to dance in it, to know it, to put it on.... you taught us how to hold it.  And that we can go there whenever we want.  It is real, it is now... and it is time.

I love you sooooooooo much my sister.  And I thank you from both my hearts for your strenghts and your love.

Dear Magdala!!!
Thank you sooooo much! I love you very very very much!
Thank you for all your lessons and for YOU, who you are, I am learning! My heart is changing, I can feel it.
 I have an incredible experience of this Moon Dance, it was more easier and harder at the same time.

My grounding happen in the air. My first plane from Little Rock was making circlesat the Chattanooga TN, until fuel is gone. I was between central and eastern time.  We stop there at little airport to get more feel and three (man) I saw them as a grandfathers was greeting me there; I feel soo excited and calm, I know Mama is here with me, and I was observing what is going on....and how I am there.

then finally when we came to Atlantamy next flight to home was rescheduled until 7:30 morning ...

Guess what?

I was shocked.. I can`t go to hotel.. and realizing I must stay whole nightnon-sleep until morningAGAIN.

 I rememberI am a Moon dancer and no doubts I did come to my beautiful center and staid focus until the registration become to start. Then during both flight I was surrounded by chaiockas. Deal with that was sooo much fun!
 I know, I need this complete night of focus and I am happy I got it!
Also many other beautiful messages was there..

Magdala, I start realize where I am and what is going on around me, like I awake, I know I am not yet completely awake, but I am on my way there. Finally I start realize and feel myself!! I learn sooooooooo much, and sure everything will unfolding more and more. I have job to do!!!!!

When I analyzing what happen and see where and what I was doing and why... That is soo important personallyfor me to have more understanding and responsibility of everything what I do and feel in my life.. 

Magdala, thank to you as to a Mama, as to a teacher, as to a personand as to a sister!!!
You show to me how to open me for me with all open heart, and learning the true meaning why we are here..

Magdala thank you for dancing the sacred ceremony with me and all my sisters and brother, thank you for all, what you did for us!!!


I am you!  LOVE YOU!
With my respect to you!


Thank you so much for moondance.  I was able to see how important it is.  It really opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking and seeing. I have a new outlook on life. Watching you in the sweats and teaching and dance, the strength and determination.  Thank you sooooo much in letting me be a part of moondance.  I will remember this one for the rest of my life!!!  I am still processing this one inside of me.. still getting messages.  I looove you so much.  Walkstall.

Moon Dance ... 

I had been hearing the call to go to moon dance for many months but had not fully committed until a week before.  As soon as I made the agreement from my heart everything came together with ease.  I met my copilot, my sister, Joy over the phone and we made arrangements to leave on the 22nd for Arkansas.  Our journey began the bonding as we entered in to a different time and space dimension together.  We drove for 15 hours straight to make it to the sacred land before sunset.  As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the sounds of drumming in the temple twelve plus one.  Magdala looked up from the drum and saw us in the door way and the first words out of her mouth were "Welcome Home".  

For me personally I arrived at Moon Dance with almost no understanding of what we would be doing.  I still had the layers of programming that made me think I was going to have some sort of really groovy external experience that I could go home and tell my friends about.  Wow, I had soooo much to learn.  This external thinking was exactly the layer that I need to shed because, it was masculine thinking, and we were at Moon Dance to learn the way of the Sacred Feminine.  We needed to remember that we are sacred women, the I am a Sacred Woman.

Moon Dance for me is about remembering.  It's about awakening inside myself the knowledge that has been sleeping.  Moon Dance, for me, was and is about Ceremony.  How do we create ceremony and how do we hold our focus while in ceremony!  Moon Dance showed me where I stand and provided a space for me to find my voice.  Moon Dance elevated me to a place where I could truly see that there is a different way of being than the three dimensional experience.  Moon Dance humbled me.  The ceremony we created was so magnificent and beautiful that sometimes the only thing I could do was say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to the mother and cry at the power of her love.

Moon Dance really challenged me to let go of some of the attachments that were not serving me.  The process of this transmutation was not always easy, in fact sometimes it was down right painful.  I danced so hard to release this pain.  Going through this process showed me that I do not want my life to be full pain.  That pain does not make me a better or wiser person.  That we do not need to suffer, that we do not need to bond through pain. That we can bond through love and that life is not about the suffering.  I'll never forget telling Magdala about the anger I was feeling and she turned to me and said .. "Hey baby, do you want to suffer or do you want to have some fun!" 

This brings me to not only what I learned from Moon Dance but what I also learned from Magdala.  Wow.  Oh wow! Oh WOW!  Magdala has shown me this immense capacity to love.  Not the peace, love, groovy hippie shit but real deep LOVE.  Love that brings tears to your eyes.  Love that you can feel in every cell of your body.  Love that will hold you tight when you truly need it, but also the same love that will push you to stand on your own two feet and dance your prayers.  Love that will help you to remember that you are sacred.  Love that will hold two sweats in a row for five days straight!! Love that will stay focused even with mucus, boogers, and masculine energy trying to "penetrate" it's way in ... but we were protected!!!  Love that will set you straight when you do not do your dishes!  Love that will heal you and love that will support you in healing yourself.  Love that will honestly tell you when you suck at playing the drum, and love that will tell you how beautiful you are with out having to say a word.  She shows us through example the way we need to love ourselves!!!!  The way we need to respect ourselves!  The way we need to live our life with Ceremony and FOCUS!!  Thank you Magdala!  Thank you my sister!!

Moon Dance has shown me that it is time to really love myself, to stand strong, to embrace my femininity and to make ceremony, and to say "Mama, thank you for making me a woman"

It was not only Magdala's love that I felt but also the love of my true sisters and brothers.  It was an honor to dance with so many beautiful spirits, to feel the support from the other Moon Dancers, to be in the fifth dimension with them, to look in to their beautiful eyes as we rested in the flower of quetzal in between dances, to drum with them and to see so many of them bloom.  And I could feel the love that my sister and brother had put in to the sacred land weeks and months before our arrival.  Thank you! So many blessings!!!  

What an HONOR to learn Ceremony from my elders, and to feel myself healing as I watched a 14 year old girl become a woman.

As I leave Moon Dance I realize how much I want to live my life with love, gratitude, respect, and ceremony.  I want to show this respect to myself and others.  I want to do the dishes no matter how tired I am!! Hehehehe.  I laugh, but it is so true.  I learned so much, and usually the biggest lessons were in the day to day dynamics.  It wasn't like I was given all of this information during the actual dance and that was the only time I was learning.  It was the dynamics I experienced with others, myself, and the land that really taught me.  It was a realization that I need to take care of my own stuff, and when I don't I am not only disrespecting myself but also the sacred land and the others around me.  This was a hard and sometimes embarrassing lesson to learn but I am so thankful for learning!!! I am thankful to remember!!  And I am sorry that you had to burn my panties!! hehehe.  Trust me this is a lesson I will hold on to.

This is just a glimpse of what Moon Dance means to me because there is so much more that I can not say with words.  There is so much feeling that can not be confined to language.  This feeling, this internal movement, this is the way of the feminine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!