“For me, it was amazing to experience such a beautiful bonding of sisterhood, to feel that strength of love, of unity. To have such unique experiences that i wouldn’t have had otherwise and i have learned so much about myself from the lessons we received in priestess. I am very grateful for the whole experience, the teachings and the healings.” - SY

“Seems like so many things happened on the inside. Returning has been a challenge after all the beautiful love and sharing and openness. 

We had PPF last night which was a great to hear the sisters. We laughed soooo hard, even after all the traveling. 

It felt like we were keeping it high and figuring out how to keep moving in this vibration 💫💫💫” -T.C

“Hello Beautiful Sisters! It brings tears to my eyes thinking of each of you...the love we have for each other and the pure connection we shared through honest work within each of us! You and I are so interconnected through this incredible experience that I carry each of you with me each day. I must share that this has been the deepest work I have so far been able to reach and it is through the love and honesty of all of you! I am grateful and will remember you in this way! Until we meet again. 💞💕💓” - C.D

“This priestess was amazing - I feel so blessed to have such amazing sisters. I am so thankful for all of you❤️🧡💗 and the love and the teachings and sweats/downloads.  Right now it's just even writing these few sentences I feel so emotional and I feel kind of lonely without all of you... but I close my eyes and I can feel you.  I'm trying to hold it high an incomplete alignment with the great mother.  Well now to try to get it together and do my ppf homework. Love you all.” - B.B

“Oh Gosh, My Dear Sisters~

Amazing!!! That defines each of you, my experience and the power of Love which pervades throughout each moment that we shared and continue to. This ceremony allowed me to look deep within myself in a loving way and gave me the tools to identify traps and patterns which hold me back. The interior work is work. It is at times difficult and yet with each persons, support and wisdom made the path much easier.

I am in gratitude for Magdala, the teachings and each of you.” - M.W