The new world is very much welcome for the balanced male-female energies, it is the perfect essence in the perfectexpression.


             For the "world ofthe doing" has become a burden all this changes, perspective and expectations in the future is very much based in the expression too, human being still is forgetting the heart. the place of the creation


      Doing the right thing, the duty, the example, is not precisely the best, because all this is very much based on a cultural belief that will separates others, many people have died as an example for others in the world of the overpower and imposition, you don't want to be an "example" in the world of the doing,


     Human being become tangled between the doing and the heart, as a military training, since they were children, the wounded mother in the world also put the doing as the way of living, instead of awakening the heart, instead of nurturing the essence of the human being. Now human being is encountering the heart, finding the way of the essence. embracing the mystery of love.

    Love is indeed the bonding of all traditions, it is unity in the essence, and freedom in the expression, love embraces, unifies, Love is the entrega, not stuck, but liberates, not offers or gives, but consumes.


    Harmony can never be imposed, if it is imposed then unbalance takes place, harmony can only be awakened  by love as an energy, the true medicine, the human being medicine.


    Woman and men  want to love and to receive love, in the best perfectexpression of our cultural belief, we have forgotten where the true heart is,  woman have become slave of their own heart. slave of their own relations, because they have exchanged the true love for convenience.  Men have become slaves of their own duty, and the true love became compromise, because it was convenience.

     Can human being re-learn, re-discover, and unify again? This is very much the use in a good way the human being medicine, it is about recognition, it is about the incursion in the world of the creation, the place of the stillness just before the movement, it can be so beautiful to make a bigggggg gathering of all the spiritual leaders in the world, just to be in silence, and not gathering for the purpose of what to DO? but to gather all to recognize, bond, unify, love, create, recreate, silence no language allowed, only the essence of the vibration, the being before the manifestation.


    Human being medicine is the way for the enlightenment, balance, and welcoming the new world. The new world with the divine order as the structure and the essence of love as the perfect unity, then peace is there.


the secret is not in the doing....


I am you