Beautiful Ones


      These are indeed, powerful times, the times between the veils, and the times between the worlds.  The World of the Enchanted Flower is wide open for the many, for the human beings that are ready….


     For a long time now, we have been speaking that the new world will be about relations; relations with the environment, with each other, and the most important with the self.  Well, the time is now; the time to awaken the medicine of being human has come into being…


      As the Great Mother has been singing her song to go back the her, many are listening and her song is being perpetuated all over the world, the song is bringing into being the new way to relate as it was meant to be before time ever existed.  The medicine of being human has been hidden for such a long time, and the time of the awakening has come.


     The sacred woman is giving birth to the new world and this is the last push, the time of the entrega, the time of the awakening with this incredible energy.  This energy is bringing so many changes inside of the self as well as all relations, with this one; the values of being human are coming back as it was meant to be in the divinity of being human.


     The beam of the blue light has been given to this beautiful world for the human beings to use.  It is the biggest pacificator, it is about truth, and it is the new Excalibur.  It is the original DNA that is moving all the wrong beliefs system, all the paradigms that were enslaving human beings for such a long time.  Yes, time of changes, times of transmutation of the self, time to embrace the original vibration within the self.


     Through truth, you will find the strength to make the complete transmutation, through truth you will find a new way to relate one to another through honor and respect.  For a long time “honor” has been manipulated by the system; I am not talking about the honor of the backgrounds, groups or systems.  I am talking about the original vibration, the medicine of being human, a code that all creation follows by species, and each creation follows a different code, a medicine that was given.  All creation follows their own cycle of life, all interconnected, all interdependent; for all creation depends on this beautiful planet and each other for the experience of a higher way of being.  Now, the medicine, the cycle, the path of being human is being revealed.  So right now, in the transition times, all relations are changing and moving into the way it is meant to be, love without attachment, love as the bonding, love as the way of living.      

     The way to relate to one to another is based now on truth, for the lies in the world are falling apart, and human beings now are being forced to live in truth;  truth that they have not experienced for a very, very, very, long time.


     Honor and respect are being awakened through truth, the beam of the blue light that now shines everywhere.   And even through the distortion that the liars want to create in the system, the integration is taking place in the very core of being human, the original human beings are ready to uncover the lies and embrace the truth that they are, for human beings know now, that they can believe in themselves.


     I am so thankful for your awakening, I am so thankful for your incredible work that the authentic human being is doing, I see so many incredible human beings that make one feel proud of being human, for the authentic creation is coming into being.


In lakesh