Beautiful Ones

For long time now the spirit has been guiding us intomany worlds, and many realms of our understanding as a human being, the spirit has been training us for hard times too, she has given to us the tools and the knowledge, the love of an open heart, the praying that opens the doors, the ways of all bonding, and the hope.

Since the beginning of time we have been preparing ourselves for this beautiful time space, the layers of the worlds have become thinner and thinner, the sharing of the many worlds is already at the heart of a human being.

Now we know, that the water needs to be blessed to drink, and that we also bless the waters that we have in our body, and the waters that clean all our emotions, we also know that we bless our food, and that we prepare our food with honor and respect, and a lot of love, so our family gets blessed by the food that they take, we know that also the food of the spirit is as far as a thought, that we connect when we have the hunger of the spirit, and we receive the food that comes from her in alllll the ways.

We remember now too, that is not too much about letting go, but to surrender to the spirit, and with that we make the “entrega” the magical word that gives us freedom, that maybe means in English renunciation? maybe?

So human being ask, what we are going to drink? or eat? so many things are happening into the mother, what the government will do? yet, we need to remember to put in motion alllll what we know, this is the time for doing this, yes, the spirit has been helping us, all this time, training us, giving so much, now is the time to use that knowledge and love as a way of living.

Beautiful brothers and sisters, prepare your food with honor and respect, and bless it so much, and the same with water. and remember, that we can eat beauty, that is always all around us, that we can drink the spirit that is all inside of us, our body will follow what we know, and produce what we need.

How we can do this? well for so long, people have spoke “follow your heart” and this has become like a metaphor, we can use this in such a beautiful way, if we just sit and calm our mind and listen to the beating of the heart so deeply, that will show us the beating of the mother, and connect both, then we will just know how beautiful everything is, then all is possible, the heart will take us to the right place, and she is just waiting for us. that simple.

Beautiful ones, transmute to the fear and separation, know ye that you are connected. Know that all life is sacred, and all connected through the heart.

I am you