Beautiful Ones

It has been busy times in all the realms of all true human beings, there is so much to embrace and understand, as we hold on into the light of the spirit, many unfinished business came along, yet we all are in Maya time, so the process quickens, and the embracing and integration takes place in such a beautiful manner.

The dance of the Oneness never ends, the integration is hold life in all the realms, as we dance, we become one, and through that oneness, we become peace, love, unity, light, wise, so many beautiful things that we begin to manifest beautiful changing in our lives as well in our community,….our world.

We need to hold on into the light inside and outside, for all human beings are coming into the place where messages and the messenger become one, and we are doing this through the understanding of the message.

 Human being are be-living according to their own belief system and getting deeper we will find the heart in every ceremony that they perform, for in the ordinary is where the extraordinary take place. Just be-live in yourself.

For many religions and traditions, in the very beginning the heart and mind work together to perform the ceremonies, male-female dance together as it is the Great Spirit, The heart was strong in the connection with the spirit, so the mind was enlightened by the love-light.

Embracing light changes life forever, for the “new” vibration is being downloaded into our ways of living, hold on to that light of yours, that light will show you the way. For everything that you perceive is light.

Mama, is calling us, she is calling all her babies, she wants her babies with her, love is her ways, and love will take us back to her, this is the time of returning….

In Lakesh

I am you