About Mexico:

 500 years ago when the Spanish were coming to Mexico, the Mexica people knew that they were coming 10 years before they arrived.  There were many messages, and they begin to prepare for the encounter.   The first thing that they did was bury all the knowledge written in the petroglyphs, they hid and buried this in the mother’s womb.  The knowledge was the treasure, the most important teachings for human beings. 

 The Mexicas, were not the only ones… 

     In the petroglyphs you will encounter the maps of the golden cities, the portals, the way to get there, the time spaces that are in the universes, the worm holes, the story of the many worlds, and the path of being human.  They wrote them in a language that only their children could understand.  This is our legacy, they leave these teachings for us, the people.  

     The ancestors, maybe people think that they were genius… they were, if you want to think that way, but what was different is that they used both male and female, it is Ometeo, the two aspects of God that became one. That is why they call Mexico the country of the sun and moon.  The word Mexico was a mantra, which means union of polarities.  It was repeated as a mantra in the ceremonies, and when the Spanish heard the people repeat the word, they called us the Mexica people.  The Mexica people are not a tribe, it is knowledge.


     Yet, Mexica wasn’t the only one that knew and related with many Worlds. There is in history many cases of indigenous people from the Americas that literally just “disappeared“, and could never be found. The rumors for the Spanish people about the golden cities, opened even more the greed, and they were thinking about gold, and literally they destroyed many places looking for the golden cities.  The treasure was the knowledge of the many Worlds, not the gold…


     Now, in the ancient writings, in the petroglyphs in many places all over the world, they are talking about the same knowledge.  We have found these petroglyphs with the symbols all over the world, this is a knowledge that has been in this planet, for a very, very long time…

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