Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire

Spiritual Work

     What is spiritual work? Why to work in the spirit?  Where is the spiritual work? What is the purpose to work as spirit?

     For a very long time we have been making seminars and ceremonies all over the world….Many have been touch by the spirit since that time space, many have learn thesacred dance, many others have forgotten….but others are remembering…some awakening…many have came back and say thank have change my life….then keep on trying, and others just forgot and go back into their own little selves, their comfort place…many others, have been awake, then go back to sleep….and some others, the ones that have been awake, and stay awake, I truly honor them, I am so grateful…And also we have grown in spirit too ..all the way…

     I have found many of the people coming to seminars and ceremonies all over, and that is so beautiful, but people need the next part, “how to”….and the “how to” cannot put in a 1,2,3, situation, because what is good for one it not be good for the other, or only will work once…depending in situation in life, cultural belief, ages…so many factors that will dependthe spiritual work become  a successful.

What it is the most important thing is for people be-live in themselves, bring back the confidence and trust and the responsibility of themselves, for you are your own teacher, and sacredness resides in the self.

    Spiritual work has been design, since the beginning of time, to embrace the connection of the spirit, how? By knowing that human being is a spirit that resides in a body with a soul, human being have grown enough to embrace this understanding within the self, and for not to see the body as the beginning and end of all situations….For the true human being is multidimensional… and all knowing …and all loving… for comes directly from the Great spirit, so yes, human being is divine and have all the powers and the energy of the father-mother, the great spirit.


Now, human being have been program for not to believe in themselves, to see themselves as imperfect, not responsible for any creation and to go into slavery, slavery that has took human into a mediocrity mind, for they become slaves of an energy that resides in the programmed mind.


  For long time, in many religions and traditions all over the world, they have been design work in the spiritual manner as practices, spiritual practices, most of them created by men for men, silence the mind in order to go into inside… the women practices were very much vanish from the sight of the system, why because when women begin to embrace and understand themselves as divine, slavery will stop, for it is in the feminine hemisphere where the power of creation resides, the virtual reality, the hologram of life. For many generations, for us 500 hundred years, the feminine practices were made in the hidden, in some cases as Mexico and south America, or not at all for it was prohibit …

  We are entering into a new world, a new way of perception and all is about relations, the relation with the environment, with each other, but the most important relationship is the relationship with the self, and that involve male and female hemispheres together, it is by using both of the hemispheres of the brain at the same time what will make human being whole and will have the possibility to renounce slavery once and for all.

    The new world is about using your original vibration, your own particular key, as they authentic human being, for as close human being is to the essence authenticity came into being, the real porpoise of human being is being….

     In the ancient times there were schools where the true human being maintain their original vibration and grow into different octaves that the mother provide, it was completely personalize, this knowledge is not lost, it has been preserve, it is in the heart, in the dna of those women and men that were able to see themselves as free, they dare to see themselves as free beings for they hold the knowledge and passed into to many generations….it wasn’t trough a tradition nor religion,  it was though an spiritual connection …where it become a way of living…


      Those spiritual schoolwere for women and men, for the Great Spirit doesn’t have sex issues, that was a men made thing to create slavery in human being…

   Yes, when you find your spiritual work will change your life, for the better… 

    We are inviting you to participate, in the school of enlightenment, an online school, for it is in the virtual for now, to find yourself, to find your true vibration by uncovering your true self, the most wonderful adventure, the adventure of knowing yourself, it is the most joyful adventure of them all…


This is the time of registration, we started the school in march 21, 2008

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