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Here is the transcript of this episode in english as given by Magdala Ramirez:

"I have come here to tell you that within yourself it is the liberation, the holy spirit that is enlighting your mind. i am telling you that in your culture resides your own liberation. you choose to be born in a culture, in a tradition, and with this you inherit stories that have been in your tradition. all is in your own DNA. all the stories from the creation and carrying the stories from your tradition has been good in a way. there is this point in your tradition way before the pain and separation where resides your own liberation. it is the time for the human beings to realize that it is in your culture that you heal yourself. it is not about becoming something that you are not, it is about respecting your own tradition, for that tradition in the very beginning holds the answer to that union of polarities understanding. I have seen in every tradition in the world same symbols that is talking about this very very ancient knowledge and that ancient knowledge is one. one source of the true human being and it has been translated in to many traditions and religions everywhere in the world. the divine feminine has not come here to destroy any religion or tradition but to consummate them. what does it mean to consummate religion? to understand it at this time. it means going into the very beginning of your beautiful traditions and understand where it was pointing what was the message and how in some way it translated into different traditions. yet they all come from the same source. it is the time to to comprehend that we have in this beautiful planet is bringing back those beginning of that incredible knowledge. it is true in your DNA is so much pain and separation, stories of war and destruction, racism and separation that people have inside of their hearts because of lack of respectfor their own tradition. it is the time to being true and that understanding is in your own DNA for that is the authentic human being. the authentic human being in you is where resides this authenticity, it is not about repetition from another tradition or about becoming something you are not. that has been prevalent and has cost so much wars and destruction, thinking that one tradition is better than the other, one color is better than the other. truth is within you, know that you are light, that your true body is a body of light, that means it doesn't contain color of skin, means you can hold into that origin of your tradition. the divine feminine has come in here to remind you where is the unity within yourself and that unity starts with you.means in this time, it is the time of the integration. you have many aspects of yourself and they are creating different lives and experiences, some of experiences were so painful that you got attached to that experience. it is the time to revise your emotional body and begin to comprehend that there is a plane of liberation. don't betray yourself in any ways. because every time one aspect of yourself betray the other one you are going to betray in the outside world of the form too. that integration starts within your own self, by observing all those yous that have different belief systems and it is the time for all of them to come into a council.The council that is you, to bring all your yous in that alignment with the one that created you in that way you are going to awake your light body, understanding the ways of the light body is understanding yourself and light. that beautiful understanding will bring that peace everywhere in the world because it is that remembrance that there has only been one knowledge. that authenticity can be reached when you can bring all your yous into alignment. that authenticity that you are you born with is it is your right.it is true that your vibration that you are born with is so unique and beautiful that is your true song. it is very powerful because that is the key that you have to walk into many many worlds and dimensions. that code is a song that you were supposed to keep in your heart and sing it to yourself over and over again. when you were little, someone told you that you were supposed to be like someone else. they remove the power from you. they told you you were not good enough, that you couldn't believe in yourself. they told you that you need to go in life trying to find love and you begin to think where is that place where i belong and in thinking that way you exchange many of your tones of your original song thinking that maybe if you learn someone else’s tradition, if you try to fit in that you will receive love and get a sensation of unity. that is a distorted way of thinking. it is not about becoming something you are not. it is about embracing who you are. where that spiritual wrk resides and remembering who you are. for many tribes that have never touched civilization that you call colonization, culturization-. those beautiful tribes learnt their songs and they understood and planet earth provides you for the next octave of your same song in the recognition, in the knowingness that you have always been love, light that you are here to experience yourself and in this powerful times to go back into your senses and begin to comprehend who you are and embracing yourself for who you are for real. because it is you that you truly need in your life. you must understand too, that you have always been life, you are eternal beings. you are in this realm in a tiny tiny little time just for you to experience yourself and that experiencing yourself means that you will have different experiences in your life and you are going to see your own reactions and choices. the moment of choice is very sacred . it is the moment of choosing your own authenticity or following the mediocrity mind that was imposed. when people can comprehend this it will create a whole new understanding for what it means to be a human being.  the eternal feminine, the feminine principle put in your own DNA that liberation , that unique code, that key that only you can use to go into many dimensions that vibration that you choose to born with is a very sacred one. whatever it is your tradition or your religion or your country it doesn't matter it is the same force. in the very very essence of that because authentic vibration resides in the unity and understanding of the power that is for the authentic human being. it is the time for the human beings to remember who they are and begin to respect themselves in a deeply manner that you don't want to become something that you are not. in the very beginning of your traditions, religions resides the secret of where this was hidden in your DNA. when i observe it, i can see where it the bonding of the human being. there is no such thing of one human being better than the other, or one tradition better than the other. you wont respect anyone else’s traditions if you don't respect your own. you cannot respect who you are, you cannot be friends or create a sisterhood or brotherhood to other traditions if you cannot be brothers and sisters to yourself. In that essence resides the key to walking in dimensions. one holds the feminine that essence and the other holds the masculine the vibration. you have always had that union of polarities withinyou own self, your divine masculine and feminine have been mirroring each other within your own self in one way or another. every time you want to choose a religion or a tradition that you have never lived in you create a distortion in your own heart instead of recognition the wisdom of that tradition and where it is pointing. it is true that in many traditions they were able to keep it and perpetuate it the original for a long time in the world. and you can see it in the ceremonies. it is in the inside why they were able to perpetuate such a beautiful way of thinking. it is the time of the unity, of the gathering of the great integration for in someway or another everyone in this planet is bonded through the whole creation and everything is happening within yourself. leaving behind the addition of the paint and separation is passing through the thick layer of stories that have been separating everyone and it is the timeto hold on hands with the one that created you so strongly that you are able to see where you r own tradition was point. because those times are coming back. you are entering into the golden era and it has no bias. no pretending to be someone else. it is through that authenticity. because that authenticity is through the true human being. maybe you have forgotten your song, it is in your heart its just that you need to go through that thick layer. do not be afraid. do not get hook into the experience of separation because that is the part that the patriarchal system wanted to impose so badly & that part resides in your emotional body so badly thinking that you are not good enough. Thinking that you cant believe in yourself ,someone else tradition is better than yours so you think by taking it you will be better than someone else and that has been a lie. really learning from each other is imperative at this time, the remembrance of how you are is very important. but you see it wasn't in that tradition but in the essence of that tradition where this knowledge resides. you know that part of respect to yourself will bring honor in life. it is part of the masculine way, way of living, it is that respect you have for yourself that you are able to respect everyone tradition. its not about put it in a bottle and make money but about the recognition or walking in that truth understanding that whoever you are, you remember who you are and be brave to bring your own authenticity, we have a saying in Mexico- the best cook is the one who has their ownrecipe. and this is the time you understand and embrace your own recipe. this i s the time where you understand and embrace your own recipe. means that your connection with the one that created you is direct. there is no middle people. it is so unique that connection that it is so sacred that it can never be disturbed. it might be that your own tradition helped you to connect in one way or the other but it wasn't your tradition that made that it makes you that connection. it is in every breath. it is in every instant of your being. it is in the moment that you bring the presence of your own presence. when you open your sense all of them not just the limited sensedthat the patriarchal system imposed on you. open your senses insuch a deeply manner that you understand the connection that you have personally in that unique way of your highest truth available. your connection is so unique in that way your authenticity is being awakened. it is the time of a great work. that work is about knowing yourself. means recognizing that unique connection you have with the one that created you. it is about understanding the unity is not about imposing a tradition or religion or liking for that belonging because of your own weakness, that unity resides naturally. you do live in the world of onenessness. with the whole creation. that is the most beautiful understanding of that unity and is a revelation that comes through your own authenticity, mo brother, sister, sons, daughters - it is a time of a big remembrance, the great work- that spiritual work that it is gonna will help you to understand and embrace who you are. b./c you believe in yourself means that you are bringing that presence to yourself. means that you doneed YOU in your life and remembering your song - that beautiful understanding of who you are. this is the time that that human being can see beyond the separation but that starts within your own self. your own culture will heal you no matter what you are or what you think that you are. you all born with that original vibration, it is the Great Mother the one who lives in your. it is the Great Father the one that lives THROUGHyou. one holds the essences, the other one holds the vibration and then it is you the one that can see one and the same. that beautiful understanding is within your own self. All those biases belongs to that thick layer of separation thinking that in some way or another this will translate into something else that is so completely distorted. the truth is that the only thing you have is what you have learned about yourself, what you were able to transmute within your own self you are going to do this because of love, when you are bale to understand that you have always been love you are able to communicate with these parts of yourself that are still working in those biases of separation this is the time when Human Being remember that it in yourself resides peace. this is the time thatyou bring that peace forward.I want to tell you that the school of ascension is open.we are taking registrations and teaching you where is that spiritual work you need.This is the time you understand where is that spiritual work. it is for all of you. and this is the time where you understand truly where is that spiritual work. go through that thick layer so you can find that beautiful world that has always been here and Welcome to the Golden Age!"