It’s about the Woman!, for everyone has been born through the woman, it is about the aspect of the daughters of the Great Mother, for she is the new beginning she is the transmutator, the alchemist, she is the life giver, she is the enlightener of the world… the most light and the most dark…

     Healing the daughters is healing the mothers, healing the way that human beings relate with the earth mother, for is indeed, this is time to heal, “so is the mother so is the daughter”.  We are giving birth to a new way to relate with each other, with the environment, and yes, the most important one, the way to relate with the self… and all this starts with the aspect of the woman, the daughter, for she is the mother, the cause, the new beginning… 

     Pyramid means woman, temple, Kali; the “woman” is the aspect that has been so hurt by the many systems all over the world.  Slavery of human beings came into being when the enlighteners of the world were so busy trying to survive, trying to remember their lost womanhood, until now, that The Great Mother is calling, and she responds, who are you? do I know you?   Yet, something in her core is being moved, something deeply recognizes her root, and in her dance, she recognizes the bonding, the unity, the oneness, that all of the power that she has comes from the mother…  and love is the bonding for all human beings, love is what heals, not time… as the system in the hunger for slavery taught her. 

     The Mother always recognizes her children, for they come from her, she can see herself in her children.  She knows that she is the root, the cause, the life giver, the new beginning…  It is she, the one that takes her children to the divine order, the Father. 

     For so long, the women thought that their power came from the men in their life, they fight with each other for the attention of the father.  They fight with the wounded mother that told them that it is about the men, long has been her story in the woundedness…. On the verge of a new enlightened era, the dark ages where the women were not considered sacred, is over.  For it is she the one that embraces that sacredness is not a concept, it is a way of living for all human beings, she knows that in the new era of awakened beings she has a place, for she is the root in her bonding with the Great Mother.   

     In the sacred dance, the movement and the stillness, as it is the ancient dance of the seven veils, the daughters find their liberation, their bonding, their womanhood.  She becomes herself, for she knows how to make the entrega, how embrace her own enlightenment.  She gives birth to a new being inside of herself, for the veils that were trapping her in the slavery are gone.  Now she is ready to enlighten the world, for she is giving birth to a new perspective of reality within and without the self, and with this transmutation the true man is being born, for he knows that he is not only the son, he is also the man.

     The relationship that human beings, in their slavery, have with the Mother Earth, and even with their own biological mothers, has been as a reflection of their relationship with the woman.

      The Great Mother is the source, the root, the cause. For so long people have lost their roots, they were transplanted in a different land, and lost their ceremonies, tradition, languages, broken spirit came into being for the many, for many generations, looking for the place where they call home, their land where they could recognize themselves, and know where to belong…  Now, in the new way of perception that is approaching, is eminent, in an enlighted society, where freedom is away of living, human beings recognize theroots is where they are standing, the sacred land, the mother earth, the sacred place, for they know that wherever the mother is, is home. Healing the root, is healing the self. Can human beings can conceive themselves?    

In lakesh