Sacred Dance Course

Sacred dance has been such an important understanding in my life, for sacred dance has taught me the ways of a woman, the ways of expressing myself, the connection to the spirit, the protection, the energy movement and of course, the prayer in motion, is the healing art.

Sacred dance course is the second part of sacred sex, this course is only for women, for the energy that it moves is related for women only.

Sacred dance was a big teaching in the feminine school of enlightenment, for the women embraced their priesthood through the dance as well as many other teachings, the woman was able to perform everything she has inside of her, all her joy as well as her sadness, she was able to dance her fears and embrace her own liberation or not, for the dance was performed not for the liberation but for the realization of the self, for embracing what the self is, there was no “sin” for the hidden thought will be revealed in a dance in one way or the other. The purpose of the dance is knowing yourself, is embracing who you are with no judgment.

Women danced because she needed to find the “floor where she is standing” it was a trust thing, it was an entrega, to the spirit, an entrega to the self as a completion as a human being. The dancer becomes a portal, a living portal, a portal for many worlds. She becomes the door and the path, she becomes herself in the highest expression, through the dance she becomes the tree of life.

The sacred dance is performed 24 hours a day seven days a week, for the dance resides inside of the self, in the secret place where only the woman can reach, it is the dance of the spirit in the place where everything becomes one.

Many teachings besides the dance by itself were part of the teachings, yes, sacred sex, and rituals and ceremonies, as well as sacred math, were part of them, the perfection of the body, mind, emotional, spirit and the spaces and the dimensions, as well as the connection with all the worlds above, but also all the worlds below were part of the teachings, for the true healer must understand and embrace herself for she is the life force.

Many of the martial arts came from the sacred dance of the women, for the dance was a protection by itself. The dances were performed only with women, it was the sisterhood and the devotion of the Mother Goddess, that brought the teachings of the sacred dance. Sacred dance was not performed in front of a man for the men could take the power of the women and in some cases even die in the intent. The woman that did the dance in front of a man needed to be sure that the man loved her more than anything, she needed to trust the man one hundred percent, for she knew “the floor where she was standing”.

Magdala, as well as Mary, the Christ mother, as many other women that people can refer to were part of the school of the Isis. But they also have many of the schools all over the world, Ixchel with Mayan, and many others are example of those schools.

When the patriarchal system came, and the schools of the feminine were devastated, and many of the teachings were hidden, there were no more dance teachings for the young girls, and many of the power was stolen from the woman, the dances became distorted and began to be used as a sexual dance that the men imposed on the women for only the distorted sex. The whore was born, and the dances were profanated, but the teachings now are alive.

Bringing the teachings of the sacred dance is bringing back the sacred woman with all her powers.

An Online school, what a weird thing place to teach sacred dance! So it does need to be combined with many other teachings that you will have in your area, like yoga, taichi, belly dancing…