To my Beautiful sisters and brothers

I am writing this letter today to speak about the important role woman have in the “Union of Polarities” which will mark the coming of the new world. Woman is sacred, and much of this knowledge has been lost, or forgotten, or misused. Now is the time we need to remember our place in the universe. Each of us needs to ask the Earth Mother to help us to understand and reclaim our sacredness.

      In this time of Great changes it is imperative for woman to stand up and put on the medicine that was given her from the Great Spirit to overcome any separation that the world of illusion brings. She must understand the openness of her heart and bring compassion and unconditional love into every heart she touches. For it is love that brings healing to all people.
No matter what color your skin or where your people originally came from. Creator has given all woman ceremonies, and woman needs to reclaim them. But what are the ceremonies and who will teach them to me you ask? It is simple, when we nurture our children, love your husbands, when we bathe, put on make up, feel, sense, sing, pray all these things are women's ceremonies.  For it is in the ordinary that the extraordinary takes place.
Women are warriors of the light, we have to remember this….we are in charge of the dream….It is up to us to bring forth the vision of Peace and Abundance that will mark the New world. We can do this by coming together as a women. Perhaps you can form “dreaming sessions” with other women in your community, do this once a month in new moon. Fast, pray, drum, sweat, talk with each other until you can see your sister inside yourself. Create gardens together. Plant seeds of food, medicine and hope. Celebrate the motherhood, sisterhood, and medicine woman that lives inside every woman.
Create ceremony in everything in your life. And most of all, teach your young women how wonderful and sacred they are.
 Invite your men to share in some of the ceremonies. Share with him your thoughts, feelings,medicine, and worries. Explain to him your connection to the Spirit and the reason for the ceremonies. Remember that the “new World” will be one of unity- not male dominance nor female dominance. We all are giving birth. There is much hatred and war to be overcome. But women are strong and the love they carry in their hearts will overcome all the darkness.
Men are now beginning to honor the feminine ways. But many men do not know how. Women must first honor and respect herself. Then this will happen.
 Brothers, support the woman’s work, for your own well-being and for the whole
 of Mother Earth. In that way you will see the beauty in yourselves. Know that you have been loved so much for so long and this is the time for men to receive the love from the feminine way, Mother Earth is talking now to your Woman and daughters, mothers and sisters. Listen to the song of life that women carry, my brothers! Follow the heart, not the rules. 
 I am you