….A message of love from the place where the waters comes out from the womb….

In this time space all has beenabout relations, the relationship with the environment, the relation with each other, and where all the relations comes from, the relations with the self, for as we pass 2012 the ascension of human being is taking place.

 Love has been the answer of all questions, love is the very source all creation, Human being is love, you have always been love, you have always been the same thing that you yearn so much, it is love that heals not time….


      All the relation have come into a change, all the relationship in the outside are entering into a metamorphosis,  as the new understanding, the new perception of the self is coming into being

  Love as the source of everything it is found everywhere, in one way or the other, for human being are the creator and creatoresss, the energy that makes possible all creation is love, so all creations are made by love.

 Do not be afraid of love, for love the purest of true human, love in the purity resides in the innocence of human being, do not put your heart in a cage because of that fear for love will find a way to create and recreate. Do not allow the ignorance of others affect you.

When human being stop yearning for love, and embrace love as they are, the creation, the expression will go into the multidirections, for all relations in the outside, are bounding by love that humans being are.

 Love is the essence, and it has never been broken, it is unbreakable, it is your divinity, for humans being are the daughters and sons of father mother god, the Great Spirit that resides inside of you, As you embrace who you are, love in the purity of the source, you find out that there is nothing to forgive or be forgiven, for love is the true healer, hurt has been an illusion of separation, hurt is a distorted love, yet, yes indeed, do not put it on if it is distorted, for will create more distortion. Recognize it as it is, for love can never be to enslave, can never be in a container, for human being are all the relations, Love has never been bounded by time.

   Do not struggle to forgive, for the awakening of who you are will take into a higher version of yourself that do not recognize pain as a way of living, for in theworld of oneness, in the world of the enchanted flower, love in the purity of expression is the way of living, inside and outside of the self, fore there is no more difference in the inside and the outside, it is the realm where the cause and effect met.

Observe your creations, observe all your relationships in the outside, be sure that the love that you express is coming out without filters, without a cultural belief, without past or future, without pain, That love is expressed in completely surrender, nothing can bound or enslave love, for she is the waters that never ends, for she is the perfect harmony, she is the essence of all life forms, the Holy spirit that resides in you.

   Became who you are, be what you have always been for you have never left the realm of oneness,  for the one is the whole and the whole is in the one.

There is a wave now of love, jump in it, be in it, for you are in love.

Let me know what you feel…..

In love I am

In lakesh