Union of Polarities Temple


It all started when...

A while back, the great mother told me that a temple needed to be built in the land where the water comes out from the womb/ We looked for the land for so many years. I thought that it was in Mexico. but one time, this friend, he showed us this land and the a spring that is coming out from the cave and i knew in that moment hat thats the land i was looking fro and the temple needed to be built. i asked for directions of how to build that temple inside of a sweat lodge that we created. and the whole print was given to me. it needed to have a circle inside of the circle and a pyramid on top with perfect alignment with the four directions,  honoring the directions in every room. there was no money to build the temple so i prayed. and if the mother really wanted this temple she will give us the money in one way or the other to fulfill what it needed to be done. A ceremony took place in New Years. It was so cold and we make exactly in the place wehre the mother told me temple needed to be built 52 candles and pray and in 50 days we receive a little loan from the bank to build that temple. the temple was built by 5 women and 1 man and two wolves. there was no road to the temple of the union of polarities so we needed to create a road and bring each brick from far away, carrying them by hand. it took us a year to build that temple. A temple that is truly the understanding of the sacredness of the divine masculine and the divine feminine coming together finally. And yes of course, the road is bumpy. 

This temple gave birth to many ceremonies, books, teachings of the great mother that is leading the way to the golden era. There is no electricity and it is off the grid. There are so many things that still need to be done. We need to find a way to bring solar power to the temple. The land maintenance takes a lot of manual labor and money to be able to create ceremonies in the land, for the land has been giving birth to the sacred woman and sacred man. The road needs to be recreated so its easier to reach the temple.