Beautiful Ones

Love has been the bonding with the higher realms, love has been the bonding within the self,…

The new sun is rising within the self, the spring is coming and there are so many preparations to make,Human is the good seed, for in that seed resides the Great Spirit, the Great Mother and the Great Father,  theawakenerof the seed is mother earth, for she is the heart of all the seeds.

Through the Great Mother, human beings encounter their own original authenticity, for she is reminding the heart, the essence  in all the things.


If the heart is broken, then is the time to integrate that heart, heal that heart, just listen to your heart beat for in every heart beat is the mother saying “I Love you” every time that you listen to that loving  voice  you will heal….and it is love what it heals, not the time…as many thinks.


We are bonded with her through love, for her and all humans are one and the same for she has many faces, she never repeats herself, she is the life force, she is being revealedthrough the intuition. Trust in yourself, be-lieve in yourself, for that knowing will take you back into the source, follow that voice, for it is her taking care of you.  Practice that for one day, that voice mightsave your life….you will need to masteryourself…. Our father is the divine order, human being must know now the true father, he is so beautiful! And it is the mother the one that takes human being into knowing the father, for only love will give you that revelation., the perfect harmony of the self, for human being recognize their place in the universe, the beautiful orchestra in the cosmos,    


In this beautiful time space, the door is open for the realization of the self,  there isno needfor government for the true human being, there is no religion for human being is a connector by themselves, they are the true healer of themselves for you are your own teacher, in the place where father mother meets.   In March 21, will be open a very beautiful door, it is the time to pray, that is how you enter into that world, pray and be connected, we will be in Chichenitza in that moment and I will bring you there, through my heart….

In Lakesh