Union of Polarities

This knowledge is the first door that the human being
must cross, for it is through the union of polarities where
the connection resides and very much heals the relationship
between both of the hemispheres of the brain.

This is a portal that has been there inside of the brain
since the beginning of time for human beings are divine in
nature, human beings are perfect and beautiful for they are
indeed the son and daughter of the Great Father and Mother,
and the right of being human must be re-awaken inside of the
self, for slavery is over, the time have come where human
being recognize the divine nature inside of themselves.

In this course you will find how the two hemispheres
male and female work, and what is the connection
between both of them.

In this course you will work to remove old paradigms and
wrong beliefs that was installed by a programming that was
made for the destruction of life.

This is a basic course; the first course to take for all the
next lessons will be based on this one.

In this course you will have an extra homework if you
are a women.