Embracing a new way to Relate

   There is a Balance everywhere around you and inside of you, there is a balance between the many worlds and in the cosmos, everything comes from balance, balance has always been at hand. 

  For long we have been speaking that the new world is about relations, is about embracing another way to relate, with the environment, with each other,  but the most important the relation that you have with the self. 

     The Great Mother, has been downloading an incredible force, an incredible energy that is moving, changing, transmuting all around you, a new dance, a new perception of reality has been awaken in the many, a reality where present, past, future doesn’t make sense anymore, for it is only a perception, a point of view where human beings are relating to the outside world, for indeed,  in the inside, where everything comes from, she is not bounded by time, all the realities are happening at the same time. 

      The time has come when human beings are encountering themselves, a revelation that comes from the essence, from the very core, from your own center,   your own connection to everything around you.

 Human beings are a connector at the same time that they are all the web, a web that is always expanding and contracting,  breathing, and what has been hidden now is in the light, for human beings to  decide, for human beings choose what they really want, in the worlds of multiple possibilities.

    As you know, human beings are multidimensional beings by nature, and in the times when the veils between the worlds are being almost remove, is very different to understand the laws that divide one to another, those laws are for the liberation of all life forms,  what human beings use to think about themselves, and create a reality based on that belief has change, it has been transmuted, for the brain is being rewired, through the download that the Great Mother is giving.

    The encounter that human beings are having with the new world within themselves, is awakening a new way to relate, and the perception of sacredness is everywhere, for human beings now can conceive, a conception that is giving birth toa world of freedom.

     It is, indeed, love what bring balance awareness back, and the relation to everywhere around you, through the eyes of sacredness is happening into the many, through this awakening, the emotional body, where love resides is guiding the way, and in the path maybe, you can encounter many things where transmutation is taking place, for human beings have the ability to transmute, for it is love what heals, it is love where your spiritual path is being revealed. 

In lakesh