Beautiful Ones
It has being so beautiful the awakening of the feminine, the Great Mother is talking to the many, and her heart is strong and wise, remembrance is taking place, sacred place has been found.
Woman all over the world is beginning to go back into the ways of the ancestors, the original and the authentic human being.
Yetwe have alsoseen the struggles of the many to bring and recognize the Great father within, the one that also holds hands with the true men, the one that understand the position in the universes and recognizes life as sacred.
The wounded father has been for so long in the hearts of the beautiful human, it is a father that comes out as the images of the patriarchal system, a father that punishes and it is fearful and revengeful, a father that only provides and feels that his job is done. ….but also the wounded father has been asking for healing, he do wants to be there with the mother giving birth to the new world, he wants to change and be the true father for his children and the true men for his wife.
It is indeed, that the father-mother the Great Spirit, has never been into divorce, there is no suchthing of separation of and kind whatsoever. It has been only the dream of separation of all human that brought the terrible image of the wounded father.
Into the journey of the healing father (perfect manifestation, compassioned, loving, divine order) the true men has been born, the one that is not afraid of love and wants to embrace the eternal feminine and he is not afraid to become one with her, he is not afraid of his own heart, or not afraid of losing himself but recognizes within that he is indeed the eternal masculine.
We have seen also in the journey of the healing, that male wanted to understand her, instead of loving her, in that process he has thought, I feel like a woman, I am a nurturer, I  understand woman and my feminine side.
By doing this, it will be like just flipping the tortilla, the same way that the woman needed to become a man in the system, now the men wanted to become a woman to survive.
In the ancient times, there was no such a confusion, everybody understood their position in the universe the dance was complete, and Oneness was a way of living, it truly was a living way of creation, nothing was separated, all bring the message, all life forms were the answered prayer, the perfect manifestation of the spirit.
As a woman, we need to understand this force inside of us, our male inside that feels used, abandoned, misunderstood, and scared for third dimensional issues, and guilty for many things and especially sex issues. That is the male that the system brought through the images of the wounded father, we need to love him and pray for the father so he will give the blessing for the true man and the woman that holds life within.
                               It is the woman the one that teach love to the men…
                 The Great Mother and the Great father has being always there…..
Oneness is a way of living, human needs to live as one, as an integrated self, recognizing all the parts within for to pray to become whole, in this beautiful journey of the realization of the self, human being dance the Oneness of life…..for all my relations….
The door is open now, veils has being removed, the dance of celebration of life has begun in such a beautiful way, all humans are invited, all humans have the key that was given since the beginning of time, the authentic human being knows this in the heart and is willing to dance, ….so beautiful!
                                                                        In Lakesh
                                                                        I am you