Tree of life course

The sacred tree was honored in almost all religions and traditions, for the tree of life knowledge shows the path of the true human being.

Understanding the tree of life is embracing life as it is. It is uncovering the path of being human within the self in order to awake the divine being that resides in every life form.

The tree of life will awaken the higher consciousness which will reveal the sacredness of life and the higher dimensions.

This course will give you the path for ascension and the discovery through awareness of multidimensionality as well as a beautiful way to perceive life as you live it, for the human being is life… Experiencing life will create the path of the integration of the self. We will study and make exercises with many ways of perceiving the knowledge of the tree of life, but we will be especially working in the Mayan way. So be prepared to embrace the 9 underworlds as well as the 13 heavens.