The Unique Vibration

Human beings are born with a unique vibration, a vibration that they are supposed to holds and grow into higher octaves from that original vibration.

This vibration hold the key, the key that can only work for that human being. It cannot work for anybody else, it is indeed, as unique as you.

Through that original vibration, the key, human beings are able to realize their own authenticity, for they hold what they truly are, for they hold their own divinity inside of themselves. For human beings are, indeed, God and Goddesess in their true natures. Through that original vibration human beings are able to walk into many dimensions within the self, as well to realize of all the connection with the multiverse, and of course to embrace their real teacher, which is themselves.

But what happened? When a child is born in the dysfunctional system, the parents and relatives begin to bombarded the child to exchange some of those notes that hold that vibration. That bombarding continues all their lives, and they are suppose to be like somebody else, belong to groups, religions, fashion, schools and families that would not respect their original vibration because they have also lost their own. The whole system is designed to break that original vibration because the system does not want authentic human beings that can think for their own, that can have an original creation; they want people that are able to be controlled and manipulated. The system does not like human beings to realize their goddesshood or godhood because they will express their freedom, and the system does not want free people; the system will only produce mediocre people.

For so long this distortion of the vibration has been everywhere and with everybody, and in all the creations of the people, even nature changed and went into that distortion, for a distorted human being will distort everything where he walks in his path. In the running of times, trees and flowers and rivers and all beauty of the planet have been distorted, too, for humans have seen everything with distorted eyes, eyes that lie, that can only see the things through their distortion. Then, all was transformed to fit into that distortion of manifestation.

The original vibration holds the enlightenment, the divine order in the body, mind and spirit; the original vibration will open the doors for others and hold the understanding of Oneness that resides in the essence of that vibration. One true vibration contains all the vibrations through the essence.

This is the time of the awakening of the true human beings, the ones that are able to go back to the original vibration within the self, the place of the absence of fear, the place where human being are able to grow towards light, creating experiences of light. Instead of painful experiences, they will begin to grow into higher octaves through the vibration of the mother, 3.1416; the mother will give all life forms the growth of the octaves that people must embrace within the self, for indeed, embracing is about the self, to become one with the self, for human beings are, indeed, the Gods and Goddess that they have always been.

All beautiful people need to go to the original vibration, and from this place begin to create a better place inside and outside of human perception. This will be your song for you to remember who you truly are.