Beautiful Ones

     In the ancient times, there were temples of the feminine, those temples were holding the enlightenment of the world, in that time was world of balance where the male and female walked together, a world where father mother God were known and balance was everywhere….

     Those temples were everywhere in the world, there were in Asia, Africa, Egypt, Avalon, Maya land, Aztec, South America, and many other places. In the temple of the feminine there were many teachings and initiations where the feminine experience the Holy Spirit, and from those teachings, many enlighten beings walked this sacred land, for those women were in charge to enlighten the consciousness.

     Manny women came from those schools, woman that hold in their being the enlightenment,  like Magdala, Ixchel, Citlalmina, Mother Mary, and many more woman…

  Those temples were destroyed in the third dimension and all those teachings went into higher realms as well as the temples and wait for the moment when the people be ready  again…. And people is ready now….


   Most of the destruction of the temples, started with a woman that was rejected in the temple, for she was a dark feminine, and she was the one that brought the men to destroy and massacre the woman.     The destruction of the temples give birth to the dark ages, for long time, it was only known a Male God, a distorted image of the Father God, one that is  judging people, controlling, jealous, manipulator, and hate women, and have sex issues.  That is not the true father, for the true Father is the divine order that you see everywhere! And inside of you…. And the true Mother is the perfect Harmony, for she is love, This is the time when Father Mother God, the perfect harmony and the divine order walks together again, it is the time for human being embrace who they truly are the sons and daughters of the Father Mother God….


    Now, in this time space…..


    I am Magdala, actually my long name is Magdalena del Consuelo Ramirez Garcia,  I born this way, knowing and remembering the temple, and knowing exactly what I need to do since I was very very young,  but didn’t know how, or where…

  Since 25 years ago, the mother told me that I will find a place where the waters come out from the womb, and that in that place I will built a temple, a temple of the union of polarities….

    I look for that place for loooooong time, until the place was revealed, It was no road to built the union of polarities, which I found it a big message, in this world we needed to built a road for the union of polarities, The temple was built, and it is beautiful, and it is at the place where the waters comes out from the womb….  And yes, in the Ark….

    We have no electricity, we have some solar panels but it is not enough,  and we do have phone, for a friend made a ditch for the telephone line, where I communicate to all of you from a dial up connection, we live from the land, and we receive the waters that comes out from the womb, the sacred spring that born in a cave…. .

      Building that temple took us one year and 4 months, 5 women and one man, we work hard. I didn’t know anything about Ark and the people, and their costumes…etc… I didn’t grow up with discrimination so I didn’t know what that was. Yes, mama told me when we arrive to that Ark, to make a ceremony in the square of Harrison, to announce in the radio, to ask for a peace meditation, a peace prayer. I didn’t truly understood why she was asking me to do that… but anyway, I did follow what mama have show me, and when I get there, there was crowded, mannny people, and they all look at me funny, I begun to read their minds, and that wasn’t funny, so I stand up, and begin to hold the crowd, and call them,  I am the one that call you, and yes, I am an Indian and yes I am a woman! And you are here because you want to pray for peace, so this starts with you and me, right now, right here! …. And it was beautiful! People were blooming, they did change, and move, and I begin to hug each of the people as part of the ceremony and look in their eyes, directly, saying here I am! And I am your other you…. there were people crying and blessing…was so beautiful!

    Now, at the land, we created a sweat lodge, then another bigger, then a kiva, then moon dance grounds, then the temple of the feminine, the temple 12+1, finally was happening, and the teachings of the ancient temples begun….

    We are also creating little temples (shelters), the ixpapalotli’s temples, there are little mayan temples, for the people, so I want that people have always a place to be…a place to awake, a place to experience spirituality….  There will be built, mama will find the way…

     And I guess you know the story about the attacks… the same one, started in the same way, the wounded dark feminine with a gun, …. Bringing the men…

But this time is not going to work, because this is our time….

   We are creating history, and all is being record, I have sisters that are having notes of everything that is happening, people helping, people attacking, the people involved, your support, people donating for the temple, everything is being record, if you want to participate in recording the history, let me know…  Soon we will see a different world, for the world of the enchanted flower has always been here, for human being is ready …..

I am sooo thankful I am soooo bless for I have all of you, thank you for your prayers, thank you for your love, thank you for being you! Yes, we are changing, and holding together all together the sacred temple, and the sacred land….  

    I am a woman, and I am sacred

I am you