The Hologram

   Human beings are living in a holographic world, is like being inside of a movie where the protagonist is you, and all is about you, and doesn’t matter how many times you see the movie, the movie won’t change, until you realize that is just a movie, that realization comes through observation, when the observer is happening, then you move the movie according to another perception… what about if human beings begin to think of themselves as a free beings?

Free of what? Their own limited perception …

    Human beings have learn to relate to a reality according to their cultural belief as well as many other different aspects of the self, human beings judge a reality based on in past experience, genetic memory,  the mind always wants to put the things in the same boxes of past experiences, and in that way, never have a unique experience. Even using a language to communicate, it will go through the filters, contributing to an hologram …

   Reality is relative to the observer, human beings have a unique way to judge a reality, or what they think is a reality, or what they have chosen to be a reality.

    Memories… a picture… a sound a voice, a smell, … human being have chosen to create a hologram based on that, a message, an aspect, that will be what you want to be, according to their belief system,  according to different tribes      The interracial fights, about who is better, or who oppress who, all creating a massive consciousness, and again will be different from other parts of the world, is like everyone get into an agreement,  that will be install a particular reality for everyone, yet different for each one, according to a morality what we need isethic.

  Does, god is a man? Does he is sitting somewhere in the sky? The man from the sky? An image of god, an hologram, family and relations, another hologram, the been as a imperfect being, another hologram, what human beings suppose to do as wife, mother, daughter? According to the back ground and morality? Does human beings are better than, or the color of human being is better than..  all what human beings think of reality is being created according to a perception… human beings have created a god, that was serving the hologram that human beings created… then where is God? Who is God?               Long time ago, a 8 year old girl, when in the school they ask her to do a home work about the image of god and human beings, she thought for a second, they she wrote, “daughter of a tiger, little tiger, daughter of an elephant, little elephant, daughter of god, little god. I am God…”  The whole school reacted, the little girl was call blasphemous, the whole system was not ready for such a simple way of explaining, not only about “god” but also the relationship of humans with God and the relationship within herself, a simple way of perception… that happen almost 15 years ago… does humanity is ready for that one, now? 


   Human beings born with an original vibration, they choose their parents, according of what is the agreement that they enter to a realm it was a perfect match of vibration, yet each one of the families members, have a different parent particularly, according to the age, vibration, conditions, creations of their family, in that way, people wanted to create a unity, an integration of the beings, even though that people will want to impose a reality for each member of the family, communities, creating rules and regulation for each one, that is how the hologram was created and co-created in a massive way…

   What is then the original human beings, that understand the hologram, that recognize that each one have a perception, that each one of the people is holding a perception according of what they have learn from different realms….

    Now the doors are open for higher realms within the self, human beings remember the “Garden of Eden”, “kingdom of heaven”, “the world of the enchanted flower”… etc… does it is a part of human beings that still is there? Or never left there? Or they are just imagine? Does imagination is part of a conception of a reality? Does it is another hologram? Bounded by a belief system inside of the self? How all this things work inside of the self?

 Human beings live in a world of mirrors, the virtual reality, the feminine ways, the smoky mirror, the tecaztlipoca, it is a world of the illusion, a mirror, where human see what they want to see, does it is true what they are seeing? Or maybe the mirror is reflecting back something that they need to see in themselves? Maybe it is a mirror inside of the mirror inside of the mirror, does human beings are feeling lost in a world of illusions?

   The mirror world, the illusion comes from an identity, human beings born free, with an original vibration, human beings suppose to keep that original vibration, and go into higher octaves of their own essence of vibration, but what happened in the system,  as human beingsbegan to grow up in a system, and finding a way to relate, human beings began to exchange some of their original vibration and create an identity, that will make them feel strong and a way of belonging, a cultural belief, a color of the skin, a degree in the school, money, jobs, a gangs, religions, traditions, etc… from there, the value of being human depend, so the purpose of human beings were given from the outside world, according to the hologram, and human beings begin to perceive themselves through an identity, and judge the world based on a paradigm, without seeing the mirror in each one,  the identity was provided by a system, a system that will enslave human beings through the world of identity, and in that way perpetuating the hologram again.   

   Human beings are integrating themselves, the different aspects of the self, human beings have many “I”s each one of the “I”sare having different perception of reality, and all happening at the same time, all interconnected one to another, each one have an identity, and everyone inside thinks “I am the boss” because is true, they are the boss in their own reality… yet, integration is happening inside of human being.  When you move the identity, you move a whole spectrum of the hologram.

   As integration is taking place as human being, they are also encountering that all around them they are just part of them, so is above, so is below, began to see that each person that they encounter is just a reflection of one of the voices, a mirror, that human being have inside of the self, and like living a world of mirrors, people continued the integration in the outside world, to find another world the world of oneness that the ancestors have been talking about, The cause and effect are becoming one and the same through that mirror, every time that human beings react, for acts impress the spirit, is where the manifestation takes place, that reaction is caused because a belief, the cause,  creating an effect, and perpetuating the hologram, for the reaction is completely link of what they have chosen to be in that moment.

      Is not about being against an identity, is about learning to use that identity to find a higher way of perception of the self, in most cases, it is inside of that identity,  is using the identity as a stepping stone, to find what human beings call now, an altered consciousness, that the ancestors know that state, as true human being, that is the natural state of being human. Does not matter where human being is in their way of thinking, if they can use their senses, and observe the hologram, without judging it through the identity, is possible to enter into the “altered state of consciousness”.

   Now human beings have 2 options too, when they found the hologram that rules them, do they go to fight the hologram and in that way keep on perpetuating the system? Or, which is much more fun, began to express in the outside as a way of living a free being, a beautiful true human being, that is able to hold truth inside of the self, in perfect alignment with the great mother, the essence of all life forms, and the divine order in the outside world…  the world of oneness…

     The mastery of the hologram is being achieve in the human beings, “overcoming the world” as many refer to this point of humanity,  for people now question their identity,  questioning the perception of life, questioning the belief system, questioning the massive consciousness, questioning the mirrors inside and outside of the self, and with this one give birthto a higher perspective of the self… and with that one, move into the mastery of the self.

   The returning of the true human being is imminent…

I am your other you

In lakesh