Wherever you go , I am going with You.

Wherever you Love, I am Loving with You.

Wherever You are, I am with You.

I recognize Myself in You, Can You recognize Me in You?

For wherever I am You are in Me.

I Am You



Resurrection of the Feminine Christ

For such a long time women could not relate with their own divinity, for many generations, women could not see their own connection as an spiritual being that she has always been. The patriarchal system brought an attack to humanity, a tragedy as a human beings when the women were told to stay in silence, when the women were told that must follow the masculine, when the women were told, that they were not worthy to be heard, they were told that they must submit to the will of the masculine, the Patriarchal system was so afraid to loose control and the ability to manipulate and enslave human beings that they created this story about women, for in the feminine side resides the liberation of all humanity, It was such a tragedy that gave birth to the dark ages, the time where human beings lost their way, lost the awareness of the sacred connection directly, to their creator. 

It took many generations for human beings to be able to embrace the divine connection with the one that created you, and the Divine Feminine rising up from the ashes, like the phoenix, is bringing that awareness into being.

Long has been her story, and your story is the story of the many, the story of this beautiful planet, for she also has been abuse. A woman is the Teacher of love, and she has always been a teacher of love, and even the pain and suffering inflicted by the patriarchal system wouldn’t stop her to rise into love, for love is what she has come here to do, she has resurrected love again!

Her love is so powerful that she is able to transmute herself, the perfect alchemy of the self, even going against a patriarchal system and all odds, she rise up! And bring her original teachings of being human. Because of her, human beings knows that the body heals itself, knows that you don’t need anyone to connect you with the one that created you, now human beings knows that is love the true healer, and that is you the one that creates your reality, and co-created, She brought these teachings as well as many others creating a path of liberation for the true human being, She knows what she is doing, she knows where she is taking you, for she is the Holy Spirit, your own sacredness guiding your way back to your original vibration of what it means to be Human being. She remembers! … Please don’t tell her what to do, what to think, what to feel, for those times are over, for she knows the power of emotions, she knows her mystical powers of creation, she holds the power of LOVE that she is.

She is not in silence anymore, she has risen! She is in you, in me, in all creation…

Now women, everywhere in the world, are connecting directly with the one that created them, she is remembering who she is, standing up! Showing the way, and she is giving birth to the new era, A Golden Era, where the natural way of human beings are balance, male and female, one and the same…

… make the inside the same of the outside, and the outside the same of the inside…

The Love message of the Christ is being consummated.

There is a Magdala in you, the woman aspect is you and she is divine, 

The Woman! That is able to enlighten your own masculine way, and give birth to the Divine Man! She is free, full of love, full of remembrance, she is awake! And in that way, she is brining and New world into being.

I am you